Bi-Weekly Update — 19/05/2019

The month of May has been a really eventful month for cryptosphere with overall market capitalization on the increase. Bitcoin has led the recovery charge and sentiments are increasingly more positive than ever before of an impending bull run. As a community, we have continued to forge ahead with new partnership announcements and updates to our roadmap. The journey to building a scalable public-private blockchain with deletable data features fit for enterprises is ongoing and we are most grateful for the strides we’ve made in the past couple of weeks. Here is a recap of what our last two weeks have been about:

Update: HODL Highway and Refund Parachute

In order to reward participants in the ICO, we had two incentive programs which they could enroll to for benefits. Both the HODL Highway and Refund Parachute have been successful thus far. The HODL Highway is still applicable to about 25% of all ICO tokens which are still in their original contribution wallet. This means that token holders on the HODL Highway have earned a bonus of about 3% of their token sale allocation by doing nothing. Don’t forget that you can withdraw part of your ICO tokens and continue to earn on the rest. 8% of all ICO tokens are also still eligible for a 50% buyback at initial ICO price after 6 months. Full report here.

Roadmap Update

We shared our updated strategic outlook for 2019. Q2 is expected to see the first private release of our Mainnet. Regulatory and infrastructural updates are also expected in our bid to position Lition as the preferred STO platform for businesses. We will also be testing a number of STO projects on the private Mainnet and Testnet to allow us to fine-tune the technology pending release. See more details here.

Community Engagement — Lition Whitepaper Competition

We are looking to reward our community with our second contest — the Lition Whitepaper Competition. Win as much as 5000 $LIT by designing a one-page graphic that depicts the important information about the project from the whitepaper and other sources. The contest is open till 19th, May. More details here.

Partnership Updates — lawpilots, 2G and optinom partnership agreements.

The Lition ecosystem is proud to welcome lawpilots, Europe’s leading digital learning companies, lawpilots. The partnership will see lawpilots using standard ERC721 technology in conjunction with Lition’s deletability feature to bring Blockchain Certificates to reality. These non-fungible ERC721-based certificates is fully verifiable on the blockchain for authenticity and can be deleted once expired. Full announcement here.

Lition has also partnered with leading decentralized power plant manufacturer, 2G, and sales specialists optinom towards connecting thousands of electricity customers to decentralized power plants without intermediates. This partnership that has seen 10 power plants sign up already is a major step in bringing our energy use case closer to mass adoption behind the strength of optinom’s sales prowess and 2G’s vast customer base.

Events — Longhash Cryptocon

Lition was proud to discuss real-life use cases in the panel along with experts from T-Mobile, Innogy, Xain and MXC. Many good ideas and problems that the blockchain can solve on the 17th, May. It was a great networking event towards future collaborations with other projects.

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Lition Blockchain

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Lition Blockchain

Blockchain: The standard blockchain for enterprises and regulated markets