Love Stories

From the heart

A Love Story

The bar was long and narrow in the front. It opened up to a slightly wider room in the back, where there were tables, chairs, and a shuffleboard table in need of resurfacing. The…


It can happen long after college

“Cocktease!” The word emerged effortlessly from my eighty-one year-old grandfather’s mouth, despite his thick Polish accent. He…

It was never you.

(a little honest poem)

That awful moment when you realise he’s not that into you,

How to Fall In (and Out) of Love

A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding, Getting, Loving, and Losing The Girl

One: Finding

Little Things Pt. I

Things you don’t realize are missing until they’re gone.

I guess I saw it coming. The distance. The once engaging, flirty texts turned to…

Cohen, Joplin & The Legend of the Chelsea Hotel

The magic, the folklore and the locker-room whispers surrounding Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel #2".

Bob Dylan lived in suite #2011. Madonna stayed in suite #882 during the early eighties. Charles Bukowski stayed in the hotel. So did Mark Twain and William S. Burroughs. Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001: A

To The Man I Almost Loved

Almost loving you was quite possibly the most painful experience of my life. It was most definitely more painful than getting my heart broken in many ways. Being so…

The Funk

Today was a day like so many other days. I walked a city mile to work.

There were gridlocked vehicles to my left and worn building façades to my right as I moved with the flow of pedestrian traffic. I concentrated on staying upright as I navigated the ice and the snow. I smiled to the people who passed me by. I thought about my first meeting and I rehearsed my…

Carpe Diem

Bright-eyed and idealistic, at age 20, I spent a year studying in France. I was excited at the thought of walking down ancient cobblestone roads. I couldn’t wait to be among real Europeans, sipping coffee with them on street-side cafes, and drinking red wine late into the night. Yet, in my vast imagination, I couldn’t see myself wooing a woman. Surely, no woman could ever see me as a…

Wrong and perfect

Sometimes dates are both.

I don’t think I’m breathing. I’m awake, as far as I know, but this can’t be reality. I’m lying on the floor of my dorm next…

In Bloom

Every woman has a myth

I never “discovered” women.

They were always around me. I was raised by a single mom. I had two older sisters— both…


In which one of my four exes wins the distinction of most embarrassing date ever

The exes did their share of things to embarrass me. Joe…

Beauty will save the world

Or: Loving you is the easiest thing

You’ve been on my mind for a long, long time. You. And me. Us. Is there an “us”, or am I alone here…

It’s Not About How Good You Are

We try to make ourselves lovable

A few Decembers ago the person I was seeing at the time managed to break my heart.

On Courage, Vulnerability, and Just Being Human

Love removes us from our pedestal

“You have more courage than me,” he said in response.

Needing Nothing More

Someone you can hang out in sweatpants with

I pulled up to the streetlight and next to me was a silver Honda. The stereo illuminated the front…

I broke your heart so you would play again.

It wasn’t my plan all along but somewhere in there I knew it would be the only way.

When we first met, you couldn’t stop playing. It seems mundane to say I was your muse. You were always stringing chords together, tying them with words, and pouring it all through your soul. You drew inspiration from my warmth, you matched my…

A Fairy Tale Ending

My husband, Jim, and I load up his Jeep Wrangler on Brookline Street in Cambridge for our anniversary trip. The summer light, oozy. The briny smell of the ocean, fresh off…

Love Stories
Love Stories

From the heart

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