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A Mindset For The Future
Note from the editor

Love First is a more conscious way of living that centers personal development through storytelling, and cultivating healthier, happier, and more meaningful relationships with others. At the heart of Love First is the premise that we can control the emotional lens of our actions, separate from how we might feel, and that we get the best results whenever we act through the holistic lens of love, first. Instead of leading reactionary lives that make us unhappy and feel like we lack control, Love First teaches principles and everyday practices that help us create more intentional, conscious lives for ourselves.

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Faruk Ateş
Comedian, story coach, time traveler (in reverse). #LoveFirst • I help people unlock the power of their story.
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EJ Harkness
Digital Strategist working at the intersection of content and user experience. Learning to code so I can hack into your website and fix your grammar.