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My iPadOS 15 Wishlist

Is the iPad Pro “pro” enough?

Akshay Gajria
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6 min readMay 31, 2021


I’ve been using the iPad Pro as my main computer since iOS 12. Every iteration of the operating system has brought welcome changes and advancement to my workflow. I’m looking forward to iPadOS 15 and hoping it solves some of the gripes we currently have with the iPad.

A lot of the complaints the iPadOS has can be combatted by working on these aspects of the system:

1. “Pro” Apps
2. Fix Files
3. Add External Monitor Support
4. Widgets
4.1. Shortcut Widget
4.2. Interactive Widgets
5. Microphone and Speaker Source Support

1. “Pro” Apps:

The iPad has plenty of apps and can even run many iPhone apps, which is great. But what most professionals need are their desktop apps, their use-cases and workflows to be addressed. My writing workflow works on an iPad because the apps I need and use are available and have almost parity between them and their desktop counterparts. More on that here. But most professionals require a lot more.

Things are already moving in that direction. Like Photoshop and Apple asking developers to create a single binary for all the different devices, be it iPhone, iPad or Mac. But there are still major gaps. If only Apple would take the first plunge and make Final Cut Pro, Logic and it’s other Pro level apps, give them a touch-friendly makeover and bring them to the iPad App Store, the conversation around an iPad and whether it is “Pro Enough” will be quite muted.

The iPad apps currently also have a limit of accessing only 5GB of ram. The iPad has always had stellar hardware, and with the M1 having 8 or 16GB of RAM, it’s taken things up a notch. The iPad is now begging for stellar software to compliment it. Not in terms of MacOS, but in terms of a touch-first professional app suite, which has feature parity with its desktop version. Maybe even have certain advantages over its desktops siblings.

And for crying out loud, can we have a default calculator and weather app. If not a whole app for the calculator, give us a widget, like the weather app.

2. Fix Files