Make it happen

Doing only way to achieve your goals

Why You Fail To Reach Your Goals

We have reached the halfway point of 2014 and I have a feeling 99% of people don’t even remember what their resolutions were 6 months ago.

The Mindset To Success

Because, if a correct mindset can’t get you through anything, nothing can!

There is a controversy in the world regarding success and…

Stop Defaulting To Seeking Promotion

Add More Value, Upgrade Your Skills, And Promote Yourself

At times we can get so preoccupied with seeking the next big…

Do You Usually Have More Work Than Day Left?

Demystifying The Mysterious Benefits Of Generosity

Harvard research, conducted a few years ago, proves what most…

Never Think About What Could’ve Been

“I hope you live your life.” ~Jonathan Swift

Of course you could’ve done it better.

Never Tell Me the Odds.

Pursuing an Intergalactic Dream

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

Daring to Dream

“Dare I dream, that I could move a mountain.
And if I tried, would I get that far.
Should I step out to walk upon the water.
Or will my doubt, ground me to the sand.
How can

Writing goals

Who, What, When, Where, & Why.

Goals are generally for and about you, but affect the people around you. Some goals you wish to share with no one. Some goals can only be achieved with someone. Some goals are the direct opposite of being for you, but affect you more than anyone else. Understanding who a goal is for and what it affects is critical.

On Greatness

When is your moment?

There’s no greater feeling than victory. It’s an indescribable physical feeling that burns hard within your chest. It exhilarates us. We…

Pins & Needles

Get off your @$$ and do something about it.


We’ve all had it happen to us.

There is always a way out!

You want something, go get it. Period.

Recently, I needed some data for one of my tasks from a different team. Luckily I knew a friend in…

Our Dreams Are Too Small

Yet we talk as though they are impossibly large

We talk about our dreams like they are impossibly large.

Write your retirement speech — now

Here are three reasons why you should.

You read that right. I’m asking you to jump ahead several decades and put together what…

How To Narrow Your Focus, To Get More Done

Keys To A Path Of Efficiency In What You Do

A while back, Google was implementing some new changes to their privacy…

The Power of Consistency

What Separates Top Performers From Others

I’ve been in a rut and haven’t written anything recently. I blamed school and my lack of ideas, but when it came down to it, I just didn’t feel like writing.

I’ve fallen into the trap that ensnares so many others. How many times have you heard someone say, “I want to write, but I…

5 Ways to Kick Your Own Ass and Crush Your Goals

Some days you just don't want to do what you promised yourself you were going to do.

There have been oft times when I just wanted to hang it up. At the same time I asked myself, "Why am I doing this anyway? What's this all for?" Here are a few methods I used to push through the procrastination and knock…


To focus is choosing exactly where you want to concentrate your effort, and remain there in spite of all the background noise.

To focus is choosing exactly where you want to concentrate your effort, and remain there in spite of all the background noise.

There is always a room to improve, that’s why focus is necessary.

The Single Biggest Reason Most Entrepreneurs Fail

and 5 Things You Should Do to Overcome It

Exactly two years ago today, I woke up at 5 in the morning. Yes, I…

Make Art That Is Worth Paying Attention To

How Regular Professionals Create Remarkable Work

I often get asked for advice on people being acknowledged for what…

What Great Performers Do Intuitively

The Art Of Peak Performance

Many of us have desires to reach heights very few expect us to. Some of us look at the great…

Make it happen
Make it happen

Doing only way to achieve your goals

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