Maybe It’s Fiction

Is it true? Is it not? Does it matter?

Denver, Colorado. 2002.

An identity story.

One Saturday afternoon some years ago, after spending several hours at the library as I tended to do back then, I found…

An Apparent Proposal

A short story of hopeful expectations

The wine was delicious. The duck was succulent. The music was glorious. And of course, he was perfect.

These were all the thoughts that swam through Catherine’s head as she sat enjoying her elegant dinner with her lovely boyfriend, Daniel. They had met six months before at a yoga class. She…

One & The Same

Whether you do believe in God or you firmly reject the existence of one, you’d do well not to ape the intolerant behaviour of your polar opposite.

Saudade do Brasilia, 1960

A short story about mortality.

Imagine, if you will, Oscar Niemeyer as he watches Brasilia being built before his eyes, a shining…


A short story about architecture.

Steve Trillweather is one of the forgotten architects of the modern era. Born in 1932, he grew up on the Redwood Coast of…


Rickie Lee Jones’ Satellites, those three syllables.

in my head, dinosaur for satellites. you keep talking in many languages, telling us the way you feel

don’t stop.

it’s a joyous noise that song, that voice.

somehow linked in my mind. those three syllables. not the…

Why #AskJPM wasn’t a #FAIL.

and why you’re a kind of a hypocritical jerk.

Look, of COURSE the #AskJPM live Q&A ended in a trolling bonanza. It was hilarious, and…


an assignment

where I lived, where I grew from smaller to bigger, contained, possibly, an underground holding cell for monsters. like an outdoors insinkerator, the inground garbage silo held metal based secrets and terror to the side of the front yard, possibly in or near the driveway, I don’t know and don’t know who to ask anymore.

I Got A Medium Invite 

For my first Medium post, I wanted to do something I’d never done before: Write a rap. True to my lyfe. Complete with bravado.


The multipurpose room of the Chinese for Christ Church in Berkeley, California had all the elements of what a non-denominational Chinese church should have, I guess: gray short-thread…

Steam Machine

Valve are trying to do for gaming, what Google did for cloud computing.

Gabe Newell, the co-founder of Valve, has been publicly disparaging all…

On death and sex

And the tortured contradiction of being human

There was a fire up north, which is why the air was hot and dry and yellow. I was trying to feel a…

some days we talk about the weather

some days we talk about the people who died

from a message to an old old friend about another old old friend, the weather…

I Quit!

One year ago, I decided to quit my job. Back then, I had no backup plans, so quitting my job meant finding a new one.

This Is How He Leaves

It starts with t-shirts. They take up six cubes of an IKEA Expedit shelving unit. And they’re a mess. So one afternoon he decides to pull them all out, refold them, and…

Primeira vez

Quando cheguei na biblioteca a Lilian estava sentada onde sempre ficava: mesa dupla ao lado da prateleira de sci-fi. Parecia estar meio nervosa, uma pilha de livros cobria minha…

My Internet Boyfriend Died

Mourning IRL

The first time you called me on the phone was to tell me you were dead. It wasn’t actually you calling, but I didn’t realize that…

The Department of Disappointments

Joe had been disappointed his whole life. He was the kind of fellow to take an umbrella everyday and the one day he left it at home, he would be caught in…

Maybe It’s Fiction
Maybe It’s Fiction

Is it true? Is it not? Does it matter?

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