Medium Writer’s Guide

Tips from Medium’s content team

A New Medium on Medium

Visual stories have arrived, and here are the two distinct strategies for crafting them. Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

How to add formatting to Medium articles with keyboard shortcuts

Epic on Medium

Medium is excited to present Epic, a new publication that specializes in long-form narrative journalism.

Supporting great writing on Medium

The most frequently asked question I get when I talk to professional writers about contributing to Medium is, “What is Medium?”

Next up: “Do you pay?” and “How much?”

Ev has some great answers to question number one here, here, and here.

Sharp-eyed readers may have already noticed an answer to…

Medium Style Sheet

These are the standards that we, the Medium editors, are imposing on pieces that pass through our hands. Each Medium writer’s style is his or her own — no one should feel any obligation to follow these guidelines. But we’re making them public in case they’re helpful to anyone else.

For topics not covered here, please see the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th…

Medium Best Practices

Medium wants to help you make your story the best — and most widely read — it can be. To that end, here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. While there is no…
Medium Writer’s Guide
Medium Writer’s Guide

Tips from Medium’s content team

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