Medium’s Fiction Writing Contest

In honor of National Novel Writing Month

Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside

He stood in the waiting hall of the station, searching the crowd for a seat, the Chinese squatting among their baggage and eyeing him like…

Our First Date

An excerpt from a 2012 NaNoWriMo Novel, "Of Gray Steel & Broken Concrete"

She found me in the park at five am, hopped up on five dollar hooch, the brown kind…

The Tyranny of Numbers

The large Boeing 747 was making it’s final touchdown on the “glance-in-the-ocean” airport strip at SFO international airport. It was a long journey, 34 hours from India…

For Caution

Through the musty hole, there had been a curious scent that twisted and winded across the chewed up tunnels. Chester couldn’t get the scent out of his head. Smells had a way of doing that, crawling up his nostrils and consuming his thoughts, and the smell of tonight: fruit. Some kind of fruit Chester couldn’t quite put his tail on, but it was mixed with something tinny and unnatural…

School for Adventurers: The Girls’ Bath

Did you ever play the ‘Assassins’ game in college? When you have magic, the rules are a little different…

Chapter 17 of J.R. Juniper

The sky above New Jersey is the color of Vaseline. Clouds came in yesterday, a solid, horizon-wide veil. And while it doesn’t quite feel like rain, there’s something in them that glows ugly with the light from behind. It’s the tint of the window, too, and the protective laminate that’s peeling away in sharp strips at the edges. We’re on the train, just outside…

Dear Sister

Sometimes I wonder if blood truly counts. Just because you share the same blood as another does not mean you love that person anymore than you may love a plebeian. I convince myself…

A Google's world

What would you do if you had access to a virtually unlimited wealth and to all the greatest technology? The opportunity to hire the greatest geniuses of your time?


Winter, 2011.

The clock in the kitchen displayed 19:05. Blake stretched as he woke up from an afternoon nap. How long was I asleep for? I shouldn’t take such


To Mrs. Windsor:

You have never met me and, if this correspondence goes the way that it always does, you probably never will. But, in an effort to show you my…

Woolly Brevities

The cube room dangles a single bulb by a string.

It's lit by magic, glistering a fire's glow, and casting a shadow on the wall.


I await the human’s departure with a giddy exuberance I've not felt in at least 2 hours. I’m not sure what an hour is, to be honest. What I know is that the little yellow bird has…

Reserved For (Part 1)

Year: 2,327 A.D.

Tag woke up from the same dream he’d had for the last month. The dreams were always a little different, but they ended the same…

I am tall now


Brennan clicked the lock on his bike and took the first steps into the chapter called High School. He had finally made it. He survived middle school’s…

School for Adventurers: The Coin Test

The coin was thick, copper, and inscribed with a number on one side and a crown on the other. It was small enough to fit in the palm of Averi’s hand…

The English Teacher

The sidewalks churned with early morning errand-runners trying to stay ahead of the pedestrian rush-hour. All greedily clenched their own personal dry spaces within…

Hearth Sweeper’s Girl

I get no money and I get no love. In fact, I get the dregs of love. For years now, how old is she, almost 36? Years, I tell you and the men she’s brought into our home…

Monkey On Your Back

- by Robert Oschler

(Somewhere in a lab in Washington State..)

Paul admired his friend and co-worker's relentless attention to detail…

Medium’s Fiction Writing Contest
Medium’s Fiction Writing Contest

In honor of National Novel Writing Month

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