Celebrating the Second Year of the MegaCryptoPolis Development

Year report, further plans and gifts for the beloved community.

Mega Crypto Polis
May 26, 2020 · 6 min read

MegaCryptoPolis is one of the first blockchain games released in May 2018 celebrating its second anniversary with unprecedented growth report.

Building Long-Term Scarcity

Being almost as old as the blockchain games industry itself, MCP3D is still one of the most popular and complicated games ever built on the smart contracts.

Utilizing the power of blockchain tech to grant ownership rights and scarcity of game assets, MCP had managed not only to maintain the core game loop throughout the years, it has proven the success of further enhancements with introduction of the Microeconomy and multi-chain support.

With Resources production-and-trading model in place being the core of daily activities the game has evolved to an absolutely new level. Seamless exchange of valuable in-game assets between players with that scale of transparency can only be achieved in a blockchain-based game.

The screenshot to remind you of a good old days when buildings were flat and the Fund had only 59 ETH.

Buildings construction became times more complicated and resources consuming, that, however allowed for a renting market to explode. Back in 2018, had you ever thought of getting a daily income just for renting your building out to some other folks using it for production of a valuable resource required by third party to proceed? There were only spare land plots on the deserted gaming map at that time.

We’ve started from basics, building the in-game economy brick by brick, being mostly focused on the balance and scarcity of the game assets.

Math is magic — in-game balance proven right after years of operation with no formulas or values ever changed.

Most importantly, what we have not done — NEVER adjusted ANY number or a formula since the very beginning of the game, and NEVER ban any player or diminished a player’s asset power.

That’s the promise only a decentralized game can make.

So, what’s done?

Check the traction:

We are incredibly excited for the first two calendar years of the MCP development and progress made since the first year celebration.

Let’s get to numbers.

$23'000'000 market cap* and over $3'500'000 withdrawn by players (11'000 ETH + 31 Million TRX in payouts) so far.

That’s 7'021 ETH withdrawn by players from smart contracts + 3'043 ETH in sales on the internal marketplace +1'132 ETH from OpenSea trades on the Ethereum network, with 20.5 Million TRX withdrawn and 11.7 Million TRX from deals in just a couple of months on the TRON Network.

Almost 30'000+ wallets holding MCP3D assets on both chains (that’s a lot!)
that makes MCP the 2nd top* dApps on the market by cap and holders.

* —as reported in the tweet.

The highest game asset sold on the secondary market is 64 ETH. Not to mention 500 ETH and 2.4 Million TRX currently available in the Funds.

What we’re up to?

Honestly, we believe those 2 Years were just the beginning.

Decentralized city apartment with every interior item being an ERC-721 token stored on the blockchain.

We’re taking our first steps towards the Avatar Mode for simultaneous real-time interaction in the decentralized city using Citizens as avatars and working hard to elaborate the MCP World concept that will allow to walk inside a building and create your very own custom experience in the MCP3D.

To make this a reality we plan to introduce yet another level for economy on top of existing gameplay with new types of assets like Furniture and Electronics to be created in the game with the help of existing facilities.

We also believe it’s still very early days for the industry, and the most important revolution is yet to come. With Ethereum network 2.0 launch and TRON 4.0 announcement we hope to finally meet progress in scalability and speed as well as using of sidechains to allow for radical change in new players on-boarding and thus achieve longed-for mass adoption.

Scarcity is nothing if there’s no future for the project.

The very early concept for custom buildings.

Project Development Roadmap

What’s coming to the decentralized city:

  • POIs — a new lever for the Microeconomy
  • Airport to transfer assets between the chains
  • Special Buildings: Car Plant, Helicopters Manufacture
  • Free-to-play Mode
  • United Account (with a single Avatar for all the networks)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Special Citizens (Genius and Super Heroes)
  • Public Profile (Player’s Net Worth)
  • Education (University)
  • Advertising
  • Refactored and Downloadable Game Client
  • Avatar Mode (walk down the streets with a Citizen as avatar)
  • Public Transport (Subway & Bus Stations to navigate the city)
  • Hotels and Yachts (with “Luxury Pack” as the unconfirmed title)
  • MCP World (new layer + custom constructions + enter buildings)

Celebrate With Us!

In order to celebrate the 2nd anniversary we’ll be minting exclusive “2nd Anniversary Celebration Lions Pet” tokens with +7 Bonus to a Citizen’s qualification. Only 10 of them will ever exist.

10 exclusive Lions Pets will be distributed with* the MCP3D Packs acquired from 25 May to 18 June 2020.

2 more tokens will be sent to MCP3D players as chosen from those who post about MCP3D in social networks with #mcp3dbirthday tag.

The Lions Pet token is meant to illustrate how the MCP3D has evolved over two years. Matured and grown, it’s absolutely ready for the new achievements.

How to receive an exclusive Lions Pet?

1) Grab a Pack

For a limited time only — from 25 May to 18 June 2020 acquire an MCP3D Pack in the official Store (Ethereum or Tron network) for a chance to receive an exclusive 2nd Anniversary Celebration Lion Pet token.

Different Packs have a different multiplier for a chance to receive a Lions Pet:

  • Urban Pack — X1
  • Mayor Pack — X2
  • Federal Pack — X5

Every extra Pack purchased increases the chance to receive an exclusive Pet.

Winners will be selected randomly depending on the amount of Packs acquired and Pack types multipliers applied. Exclusive Lions Pets will be sent directly to players’ wallets used to purchase the Packs after 30 June 2020.

2) Help us spread the word

Send your wishes to the MCP3D via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit) — please use the #mcp3dbirthday tag with your favorite screenshot from the game, mention friends and submit the link here to receive additional X2 Scores for the Rewards Campaign. We will select 2 random winners and mint Lions Pets to their wallets after 30 June 2020.

Learn more about Pets.

The Bonus.

An early MCP concepts from the first White Book published in May 2018. Not far from now, yeah?

We wish you many happy years of pleasure in the decentralized city!

MCP Team

In case you have a need for more specific information on the project, please visit us on our website at http://www.mcp3d.com

Follow us on Twitter and join Discord server to stay tuned for more updates.
And yeah, we have our profile restored on the Facebook as well.




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