MegaCryptoPolis 1st Year Anniversary

Celebrating the first year of the decentralized city operation on Ethereum blockchain

Mega Crypto Polis


Blockchain gaming is still a relatively young industry where most products burns just in a few weeks. MegaCryptoPolis was settled with long-term plans and sustainable growth in mind.

Announced in the very beginning of 2018, decentralized city was launched in May 24 with land plots reservation phase. It was District #43 that initially opened its territory with a few more Districts being available on the auction.

Exclusive shot demonstrating the first hours of MegaCryptoPolis operation:

District #43, moment the game launched

Land plots marked with blue are pending transactions on the blockchain with red signs for those being sold out recently.

Hours after land plots reservation started

That’s how District #43 looks like at the moment:

24 May 2019, District #43

Initial land plot price was 0.01 ETH, with the value rising policy hardcoded in the smart contract there is barely no spare land plot cheaper than 0.08 ETH on the decentralized city map with offers on the secondary market starting at 0.07879 ETH.

Secondary market offers sorted by price

There is still a chance to get early in the MegaCryptoPolis with ongoing Microeconomy game assets reservation for the MCP3D game release with prices starting at 0.03 ETH.

More than 2 000 ETH* paid to players with

$2,000,000** in NFT sales on the secondary market.

* — reported by DappRadar
** — CoinGecko + report

With approx. ~14 000 buildings (including 273 Mega and 362 Huge) across 56 Districts and more than 12 000 unique wallets signed up, it is already a decentralized conglomerate built entirely on the Ethereum smart contracts.

Download the official Macroeconomy Report for more details.

The Story

The most significant events happened in MegaCryptoPolis history:

There have been a few bumps in the road, and there have been some delays. Nevertheless, all the roadmap milestones were delivered, no empty promises were made.

The Future

Sneak preview of what’s coming to the MegaCryptoPolis

Upcoming “Microeconomy” update for the MegaCryptoPolis 3D will bring, besides significant visual improvements, a whole new class of non-fungible assets: buildings will require Resources to be constructed and operate, Citizens will help managing operations in buildings while Cars, Pets and Appliances will boost their productivity.

Read more about Macroeconomy and Microeconomy in the MegaCryptoPolis

Microeconomy will allow almost every building to produce Resources, Appliances and even new generation of Citizen tokens. In order to start production a Citizen shall be appointed to a Building. Only 15'000 Gen A Citizens will be distributed during pre-order event, that is roughly 1/4 of what currently constructed buildings will require to operate under the new model.

Check the updated roadmap for the MegaCryptoPolis development.

MCP3D Demo is already up and running. Most importantly, it runs almost in any browser without installation and can be accessed on most mobile devices (with the help of mobile dApp browser like Trust Wallet or imToken).

MegaCryptoPolis 3D Demo Screenshots

Check the MCP3D Demo today.

Stay Tuned!

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