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2 min readMay 1, 2019


Features presented in MegaCryptoPolis 3D Demo May 2019 update.

Drive Mode

Take a taxi or click/touch any car on the decentralized city streets to enter Drive Mode that allows exploring the MegaCryptoPolis in a new dimension.

You can even control a car movement of choosing where to turn on the next intersection with keyboard on on-screen buttons:

After the launch of full-featured MCP3D client this feature will be available only for car token owners. District owners will be able to brand Taxis in their Districts.

Camera Rotation

Now you can actually check what is behind the MegaCrptoPolis Town Hall by pressing these new buttons under the minimap:

Hold a button to rotate the camera for a larger angle.

Devil is in the Detail

Number of minor improvements and details for a vibrant decentralized life.

What’s coming up next?

Features planned for the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Demo as described in the updated development roadmap.


Brand your Office or Commercial building with ads paid in Ether:

Choosing a Building

Switching your building type prior to the Microeconomy concept release:

Actual in-game footage (MCP3D Pre-Alpha).

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