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Introducing the 3–5 years development plan for decentralized city territory.

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4 min readSep 23, 2019


Recently announced Multi-Chain expansion is the tip of the spear for the upcoming MegaCryptoPolis 3D Microeconomy update. New chains will lead new cohorts of players to flow into building of the Multi-Chain decentralized conglomerate. That means more Materials required to construct new buildings, more value for Citizens with top qualifications and hence more Taxes in the Funds, no to mention faster transactions and better adoption.

Every new blockchain will have its own gaming map, an absolutely new territory in the decentralized city with every land plot being a Macroeconomy asset minted on a certain network (can’t be transferred to another chain).

So, here’s how MegaCryptoPolis will look like in 3–5 years from now:

Each segment will run on its own blockchain. Opened one-by-one, it can take years for the Multi-Chain expansion strategy to be accomplished.

Interoperable Microeconomy assets (Citizens, Cars, Pets, Appliances, Materials, etc.) can be transferred without limitation between networks with the help of in-game Airport feature.

Segments consists of Districts those could be acquired, owned and operated by players. Initially all land plots in the Districts are locked and can’t be used.

Once the District has its owner to sign the opening transaction all the land plots in the District will become available for acquisition and buildings construction. District owner will receve a part of the land plot prices as well as a share from every action performed on these land plots by players.

Every District will be initially offered on consequential basis through auction model, just like it was on the Ethereum network a year ago. We assume it may take up to 9–12 months for all the Districts on each segment to be distributed.

No new land plots will be created on the minted Ethereum territory, ever.

We are taking your considerations seriously!

MCP Team feels grateful to respected community members for brilliant ideas and crisp suggestions. Lazy Jack’s thoughts on unique resources for each blockchain brought us back to the drawing board.

From then on, an exclusive Material will be added on each blockchain to allow a unique specialization for every network.

Along with that, consumable Resources will become exclusive for each blockchain rendering them non-transferable.

Players will be required to use Water and Energy produced on the Ethereum network to run operations in a Ethereum building and will not be able to send ’em to other networks.

New blockchain launch will happen not earlier than at least a month of the Microeconomy operation on the Ethereum network.

TRON Network is the first blockchain MCP3D will expand to.

As announced in the Justin Sun official Twitter account, MCP3D starting TRON game assets pre-order 1 October 2019 with the actual Microeconomy launch on the TRON Network to happen later this year.

MCP3D will be listed in the most popular TRX digital wallet — TRON Link, that is highly recommended to play MCP3D when it comes to TRON.

The first MCP3D Microeconomy screenshot demonstrating Bricks production in progress.

Starting from 1 October 2019, players will be able to acquire game asset Packs using TRX. Only 2500 Packs will be available on the TRON Network:

  • 835 Local Packs
  • 750 Urban Packs
  • 500 Mayor Packs
  • 415 Federal Packs

Every Pack sold will raise a priсe for the next Pack, just like on the Ethereum blockchain where some Packs already done +40%. Initial Packs prices on the TRON Network be 10% higher than the original ones on the Ethereum with the TRX/ETH rate fixed that day by the average exchange value.

Last, but not the least…

Tutorial Mode to be launched this week.

Get ready to experience the Microeconomy with the interactive Tutorial Mode feature coming to the MCP3D these days.

Stay tuned!

Please feel free to share your opinion on upcoming updates in the official Discord server or Telegram group.

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