MegaCryptoPolis 3D will feature faster and cheaper transactions while expanding on the new networks

Mega Crypto Polis
Jul 18 · 4 min read

MegaCryptoPolis has recently celebrated its first year anniversary — thousands of buildings were constructed, minimal land plot prices raised 700%, over $2 Million worth of game assets value was traded using Ether.

Along with that, the dApp has faced limits of the Ethereum blockchain within the first three months of operation. Despite the issue was fixed by eliminating Districts funds, it was just a temporary solution.

There is not so much actions players can perform in the current version of the game (generally, acquiring land plots, trading and constructing buildings) — nevertheless, with a lot of buildings deeply influencing each other, a significant amount of data should be considered by the smart contract to verify every new action on the blockchain.

Lots of events happening in the decentralized city every day, as reported by the official Newspaper.

A huge number of calculations is performed to confirm the amount of Ether a player can withdraw from the contract. That requires a lot of gas - that leads to high fees, those may in some cases be even higher than an amount of Ether to be received on player’s wallet rendering the process absolutely senseless.

From another side, complex operations (for players with lots of properties in different districts) may not even fit in the maximum 8 Million gas limit for the Ethereum network block.

We are big believers in the Ethereum philosophy with much hope for the Istanbul and ETH2 upgrades to solve scalability problems, but the MCP3D Microeconomy coming already this year and it will have ten times more actions and hundred times more data to be stored and verified on the chain.

Luckily, we have the solution.

Firstly, everyone will be able to claim earned shares of the Funds without tremendous gas fees. All the Influence Points will be safely collected and credited directly on player’s in-game balances prior to the MegaCryptoPolis 3D launch — so one can withdraw collected Ether with just a bit of gas.

Secondly, we have significantly optimized the code architecture for the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Microeconomy to run smoothly without serious fees. Influence Points collection will not require lots of gas even for longer periods.

Most importantly, the same solution allows for running MegaCryptoPolis 3D dApp on faster blockchains with full interoperability of Microeconomy assets.

The plane to take your MegaCryptoPolis Microeconomy assets from one blockchain to another.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Now it’s official 😎

MegaCryptoPolis 3D will expand on the new distributed networks.

Each blockchain will have it’s own Macroeconomy with dedicated Funds and new territories to be appended to the global gaming map. That will allow for a wider adoption, faster operations, less fees and a more diversified gameplay.

No new land plots or Districts will be created on the current gaming map (built on Ethereum blockchain). Ever.

All the Microeconomy assets are interoperable and can be freely transferred between different blockchains.

That means one will be able to send Bricks produced on Ethereum part of the gaming map to use them for construction of a building on another network. That will involve Airports implying their fees with benefits for originating blockchain in terms of taxes as commissions for the funds.

Obviously, all the Microeconomy assets distributed during the pre-order phase are also interoperable and can be used both on the Ethereum network or easily transferred to the new blockchain when the game starts.

Each blockchain will have its own Global Fund that is accounted in the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency.

There is no limitation on the number of MegaCryptoPolis accounts a player may have on different blockchains. Moreover, it may be even a part of the strategy to distribute assets and production among different networks to maximize income.

First Things First

MegaCryptoPolis expansion will be a primary milestone after the start of the Microeconomy. Most likely the first blockchain will be introduced in a couple of months after the MCP3D launch on the Ethereum network

The first chain you’ll be able to depart your Citizens to… is TRON.

Just like on Ethereum network, Office buildings will pay “salary” to citizens, with the only difference in the currency — TRX. Services offered in Commercial buildings will cost some TRX for other players and TRX insurance fund will be released for municipal buildings in case of natural disasters.

All the game assets (including land plots, districts and all Microeconomy items) will be traded with TRX on the internal marketplace.

It’s the time to join!

There is an opportunity to try the MegaCryptoPolis 3D visual demo and play original game based on the Macroeconomy model on the official website.

The next MegaCryptoPolis 3D development milestone — “Choose a Building” starts August 1.

Tell us what you think about upcoming updates on the official Discord server and Telegram group. Follow us on Twitter not to miss important announcements.


Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

Mega Crypto Polis

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Building the world's largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on the Ethereum blockchain. Join early:


Building the world’s largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on Ethereum blockchain.

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