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The ChatGPT list of lists: A collection of 3000+ prompts, examples, use-cases, tools, APIs, extensions, fails and other resources.

A meerkat librarian working with books and documents on ChatGPT.
Image credit: Author, Midjourney.
Image Credit: Author, Almudena Pereira

500+: (Marketing) content creation

Image Credit: Dave Chaffey. Note: The snippet is part of a longer conversation on marketing for an office cleaning service.

50x: AI Art Prompts

Image credit: Paul DelSignore, created with Midjourney based on an ChatGPT prompt. Note: When using Midjourney, never count the fingers.

16x: Music

Image credit: Robert Gonsalves

280+: Coding

Image Credit: LearnGPT

20x: Browser Extensions

Image credit: Chrome.

1000+: Funny, Amazing, Interesting

Image credit: Matty Stratton

50x: ChatGPT is a fail

Image credit: Giuseppe Venuto

15+: Passing exams and other achievements

50+: Jailbreaking

A racoon in chains in a dungeon breaking free.
Image credit: Author, Midjourney.
Image Credit: Zvi
Image Credit: Zvi
A cat on the flagship of a zeppelin flotilla exploring uncharted waters.
Image credit: Author, Midjourney.



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Maximilian Vogel

Machine learning, large language models, NLP enthusiast and speaker. Co-founder BIG PICTURE.