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4 min readFeb 23, 2023

2024 Utility Guide for MojoHead NFT collectors

MojoHeads was created to spotlight and empower the creative heroes of our space. We set out to be the first official rookie card for NFT artists and at the present moment, we’re the one and only!

More than a pretty face!

Our mission is to bring attention to artists through NFTs. MojoHeads act both as a unique digital trading card as well as access to membership perks/rewards that we’re excited to outline below.

A visual list of active and upcoming perks

We’ll detail each of these perks below. Keep in mind, these rewards are never guaranteed and are subject to change.

#1: Artist Rookie Cards (the art)

MojoHeads are official digital trading cards representing rising stars of web3. We work directly with each artist to gather their input/approval of their base avatar, and capture their signature in digital form (as a special trait). An official agreement providing likeness rights is also in place.

Every NFT is hand crafted (non-generative) by the senior designers at JoyPixels (our sister brand). Every artist has 21 unique expressions, some rarer than others. To date, 78 artists makeup 1,638 total NFTs.

🛒 Official MojoHeads Collection

#2: Milestones

Status = Ongoing・Utility = Very High

Milestones are achievements on the blockchain. These are soulbound (non-transferrable) NFT trophies you can’t sell if you tried. Up to 19 quests are available for MojoHead collectors.

These trophies are used to measure loyalty and overall participation. Future reward considerations are given to holders.

📖 Ultimate Guide to Milestones

#3: Collect Discord $Charm

Status = Ongoing・Utility = Medium

In 2022, we launched a fun way to reward our community within our Discord called $Charm. MojoHeads Holders can collect additional $Charm by simply visiting the Mojoverse Discord daily. You can use $Charm to purchase items from the #charm-store.

📖 Ultimate Guide to Charm

#4: Mojo Events

Status = Ongoing・Utility = Medium

Access exclusive community events by holding MojoHeads.

The first Saturday of every month is our monthly Poker Tournament where the winners can earn $Charm and Milestones. More events can be added during Discord.

#5: Pearl Games

Status = Past・Utility = High

MojoHead holders got first access to Pearl Games. We have gamified the art of collecting in this exciting new concept. Each decision will require a unique strategy to win. Burn your way to win.

Holders earned a coveted VIP allowlist spot to mint 1 Genesis Pearl per 1 MH held (per season).

📖 Introducing Pearl Games

#7: MojoID

Status = Q1 2024・Utility = High

MojoID is an emoji-based identifier / user handle built for web 3.0. Instead of letters & numbers, emoji can be used in its place to create the most compact username to ever exist.

Each MojoID consists of up to 4 emoji. With an emoji library of 1,000 icons, that results in up to 1 billion emoji combinations.

  1. Each MH holder can claim a free special edition MojoID. Your free MojoID will begin with the ✨ emoji. The ID tier you’re able to mint will depend on the rarity of your MojoHead (name plate type).
  2. Holders will also be able to upgrade a MojoID Mint Pass to VIP A (highest priority). 1 pass upgrade per 1 MojoHead/MobyHead.
  3. More benefits for holders coming soon…

📖 Everyone is asking… how does MojoID work?

Previous Perks

Holder perks date back as early as December 2021.

Transparency as a perk?
Tune in every week to MojoLive and gain all the early alpha.

Official links:

Disclaimer: Holding MojoHeads carries no promises of future returns and is intended solely as a digital collectible. Perks are never guaranteed and may change at anytime.



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