Inspired by Fluent Design: Vol. 4

Following on from my previous Inspired by Fluent Design I have a collection of some new great ideas and concepts that use Microsoft’s new design system.

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New Login by Jeans Studio

From Behance.

This is the first concept I have seen that imagines how Fluent could be brought to other aspects of Windows rather than just Apps, Start and the Action Center. This is a very nice effect, clearly showing the different states of the lock screen and the login screen.

I also like some other aspects of this concept including the centred content and the notification icons.

Code Editor by Jordan Slon

From Dribbble.

Yes, I do know this concept is for a Mac.

This concept looks to see how a code editor, one an awful lot like Visual Studio Code, could look if using the acrylic effect of Fluent. I think this thing looks great. I think it could be a very nice experience giving the focus of this application on the area where the code is actually written.

Booking by Ferdi Yuzmec

From Dribbble.

Many of the concepts I have found have been more complex apps showcasing the beauty of Fluent, whereas this is a much simpler app but still looks great. Like with the code editor the acrylic effect really focusses the eye on the main content and shows how this can be used across more apps than just Music player apps (as many concepts seem to be).

What do you think about these latest concepts inspired by Fluent?