Mystery of Communication

What professional communication is in the world full of information and lack of attention span

Death of Medium?

How to send off your users in one gigantic step. Oh Brother where are you thou?

You may have read the news about the change in the way…

Your Social Media Stinks Also 

To win at #socialmedia, be consistent and authentic. 

Your Content Marketing Stinks (part 1)

And here’s why…. 

Your content marketing stinks. There, I said it. Yes, it may be all the rage in the marketing sphere. We’re…

Use Facebook’s arguments to your benefit 

FB’s side of the story is largely BS… but you can use their argument to your advantage. 

How Medium Is Stifling Creativitiy

Upcoming changes to Medium Collections are good for the big incumbent. The little start-up? Not so much. 

The Best Question An Artist Can Ask

Artists are really good at making mistakes and failing. The are supremely talented at it actually. I see this as a good thing. In terms of understanding…

Bezos’ lesson applied

3 basic rules for better (web) service

Some time ago I read an article summarizing the modus operandi that Jeff Bezos tried to infuse in Amazon…

Figuring Out Your Market is Figuring Out Potential Friends

Marketing for Artists is Different. It’s About Friendship. It Has to Be.

There’s this song by Youth of Today called Potential Friends that’s somewhat ridiculous in it’s hardcore frustration but it has a good point. When you don’t put yourself out there to meet new people you pass up the…

Property PR: 20 topics for commercial real estate

A list of newsworthy milestones to share with your A/E/C industry stakeholders and media.

#Instagram has introduced an algorithm, and it’s better for you and brands.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the images I was seeing in my explore tab on Instagram had changed…

Data Roaming: size matters!

Every byte counts when your customer pays for reaching your website

While attending London Online conference, I felt so proud of…

The Lion, the Gazelle… and the Web

6 daily habits of successful people applied to our day to day work

Homepage, Sweet Homepage

Land safely, land everywhere in a website 

Where did our visitors go?

Why Twitter’s new #OwnTheMoment planner is bad for real-time marketing 

Don’t plan for the moment, plan for the response

Email Patterns for Web Apps

25 Emails You Should Send to Your Users

Last month, I have spent quite some time researching about email patterns web apps commonly…

The danger of calling it “Social Media” 

How the proliferation of social communication channels presents the next brand challenge.

How to Be More Assertive: 5 Comforting Words of Advice for Introverts

Knowing when to walk away is wisdom. Being able to is courage. Walking away with your head held…

Maybe it’s not the best communication experience

A few days ago I had a conversation with a person who is engaged in various projects on the Internet. He lives in St. Petersburg. Before…

The Hindenburg and the Web

Life or death in 30"

What do they have in common?
Any Guess?
It's simple: 30 Seconds.

Mystery of Communication
Mystery of Communication

What professional communication is in the world full of information and lack of attention span

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