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What’s your story?
Note from the editor

Everyone loves a great story. And behind every great story, there’s an even better storyteller.

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Katy Velvet
International Woman of Mystery
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Athirah Syamimi
Live your life to the fullest | Content creator & storyteller at heart | Marketer & office manager at VRcollab
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Claire J. Harris
Global wanderer. Expert thumb-twiddler. Travel writer, screenwriter and copy writer. Find me at www.clairejharris.com.
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Musings on relationships, life, creativity, writing, and personal growth. Join my e-mail list to stay in touch:http://tiny.cc/josefiene
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Agnes Louis
Writer by heart. Teacher by trade. I teach English, Yoga and Pilates. Avid reader. World traveller. Model.
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Jun Wu
Single Mom Writer, Technologist, Poet: Tech, AI, Data Science, Leadership, Parenting, Find Me: https://junwuwriter.com, seen in (Forbes, WTTJ, etc..)
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Leslie Wibberley
Award winning writer of CNF, short stories & novels—horror, magical realism, romance, speculative fiction—adult & YA Repped by Shannon Orso of Victress Literary
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Shannon Ashley
Single mama, fulltime writer, exvangelical. It's not about being flawless, it's about being honest. Top Writer. http://www.patreon.com/shannonashley
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Michael Shook
Writes honest words. Sees things differently and writes about them that way.
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Michelle Elizabeth
MFA| 40+ Curations | Essayist & Author| Parenting the best I can while living with chronic pain| Online @ www.thewritelocation.com
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B. Michael Logan
Healthcare professional moonlighting as a freelance comedy writer, poet, and debuting horror author.
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Kyrie Gray
Freelancer, comedian, and coffee drinker. Writing nerdy humor, practical advice, satire, and stories. Also draws comics sometimes.
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Linda Horton
Born a photographer, but prone to writing haiku on public transportation, or baking things, I live in Chicago with my feisty terrier, Sunny.
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Nisha Mody
Feminist. Avocadoholic. Cat mom. Writing about life and its accomplices. | Words: Ravishly, Everyday Feminism, The Times of India | Twitter: @nishamody | LA
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Gillian May
Former nurse turned writer. Health, trauma, breakdowns, mental health, education, travel, life lessons. Follow me here: https://www.facebook.com/gilliancanwrite
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Bel Perez
Game changer. Anti-fraud strategist. Fascinated by human behaviour. Challenges are just a matter of perspective. Find me on The Ascent, The Glossary & more.
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David Caracciolo
I like big PUNS and I can not lie. You other writers can't deny
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Karen Smart
Freelance wordsmith and renegade semicolon over-user.
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Nikki Tate
Author, creativity coach, storyteller exploring the world, living the dream. writersonfire.net nikkitate.com Nikki Tate Loves Books Fbook darkcreekfarm.com/blog
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Sherry McGuinn
Long-time writer and big-time dreamer. Screenwriter. Cat mama. Red lip aficionado.
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Michelle Monet
Musician. Author. Poet. Cat Mama. Seeker. Curious Creator. Currently writing showbiz memoir and Broadway style Musical. contact: michelle@michellemonet.com
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Gina Gallois
Author of Opossum Opposites — On sale NOW! Possum propagandist, feminist pirate, over-thinker, audiobook lover. She/her. http://bit.ly/opossumoppositesks
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Nikki Kay
Teacher. Learner. Mom. Storyteller. Idealist. Dog person. Writing all over the Venn diagram of parenting, mental health, self, and humor.
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Andrew Knott
Writer, humorist, dad of three. Writing for Washington Post, McSweeney’s, Weekly Humorist, and more. Fatherhood Book: www.amazon.com/author/andrewbknott
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S. Snow
Running a business, raising a baby, and reading like it’s going out of style. Writer, publisher, mother.
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Christine Barba
Writer, traveler & Culture Trip editor, focusing on global cultures & brain health. Words in VICE, Google Travel via EVG & more: http://www.christinebarba.com/
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Rianne Grace
Writes passionately about writing, reading, and mental health. Cheers for new writers and marks up the newspaper with red pen.
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Donna Barker
Career technical writer. Published author. Exploring topics we don’t like to talk about in polite company. Top Writer. http://mybook.to/AdviceForJiltedLovers
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Shifra M.
Writing just because I love to, and hoping that someone, somewhere, somehow, will be touched by it and love it too.
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Elizabeth Karlee Cassidy
Writer. 23. Bipolar 2. Mizzou alumna — journalism, psychology. Learning to live without planning out every step. https://lifelovebipolar.com/
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Remington Write
Writing because I can’t not write. Email me at: Remington.Write@gmail.com