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Check TX Status

Nebulas Wallet Part 5

Watch the YouTube tutorial.

In previous tutorials we covered: How to Send NAS, and How to Sign Transactions Offline which in turn gave us TX Hash numbers.

Now will check those TX Hash numbers in order to check the status of our transactions.

Open up index.html

Navigate to the CHECK TX STATUS tab

Enter in your TxHash

REMINDER: Your TxHash was generated in part 2-Send NAS and part 3-Sign Offline

Click the CHECK TX STATUS Button

Here we have: TX HASH and information about the Transaction.

TxReceipt Status tells us about the current situation of our Transaction. Now my transaction is PENDING.

NOTE: There is 3 status indicators: Pending, Successful and Failed

Well this was short and sweet.

The next tutorial will be about Deploying a Contract to Nebulas.




Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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