Signing a Transaction Offline

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Nebulas Wallet Part 3

In my previous tutorials we created a Web Wallet-Part 1 & Sent NAS-Part 2.

Now were going to SIGN A TRANSACTION Offline then send it to a Online Computer.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Step 1

Open up the index.html

Open the index.html file

Step 2

Navigate to the SEND OFFLINE tab


If you enter your FROM ADDRESS press INQUIRE INFORMATION you will receive this:

Basically it gives you information about the nonce (number of transaction FROM ADDRESS has been through)

Lets scroll down a bit until we see SELECT WALLET FILE…

Go ahead and upload your KeyFile

Enter your password and Click UNLOCK

Now you should see this something like this:

The FROM ADDRESS is automatically filled out.

The TO ADDRESS needs to be filled in by you. ( Reminder: The TO ADDRESS is destination for the NAS.)

The VALUE / AMOUNT TO SEND is the amount of NAS you want to send to the TO ADDRESS.

The NONCE is used to keep track of the number of transactions that come from the FROM ADDRESS.

Here we need to fill out a TO ADDRESS, Value / Amount to Send and Nonce.

Gas Price is the amount of the gas and how much will be burned for the transaction.

Gas Limit is the max gas that will be burned.

The example values above for Gas Price and Gas Limit are default values.

Learn more about Gas Price and Gas Limit from the wiki page.

Once all the text boxes are filled in Click GENERATE TRANSACTION.

Here you will see a Raw Transaction and a Signed Transaction + QR Code

Scroll down and Click Send Transaction

Now you should see

A pop up will show. This is where we confirm our FROM ADDRESS, TO ADDRESS and NAS VALUE


We should receive a TxHash and a Receipt.

Great job! If you made it here you have already sent a transaction ofline.

The next tutorial we will VIEW WALLET INFORMATION




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