Nebulas AMA Series#3 General Question with Nebulas Co-Founder and CTO Robin Zhong

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4 min readFeb 6, 2018


Nebulas AMA Series #3 General Question

Nebulas AMA is a series of videos to help community members learn more about Nebulas. More AMA videos will come soon. Please stay tuned.

In this episode Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong answers some general questions about Nebulas, including the difference between Nebulas and Ethereum, the function of Nebulas token as well as the way for general community members to participate Nebulas project.

Here are the subtitles:

1.What is Nebulas and what’s the difference between Nebulas and Ethereum?

Yes, Nebulas is a public chain system and also open-sourced in Github. We aim to provide the next generation blockchain technology, and also bring more and more user-friendly tools to the blockchain ecosystem. In 2008, Satoshi released the first bitcoin whitepaper and E-cash system. And secondly, Vitalik brings the smart contract concept to the blockchain and creates the Ethereum. Right now, we think, we believe there is a lot of value behind the transactions and addresses, and we want to find out by using the algorithm named Nebulas Rank. Just like what we are doing in the real world, we have our transaction in banks, and banks use all the information to give us, the individual people a credit score, just like ZhiMaXinYong( Sesame Credit)in China or maybe FICO in U.S. So we believe there is a lot of value behind all the transaction and address, and we want to find that, so we create Nebulas Rank. And also we think blockchain is not only a technology, it is an organism and economy. So we think and we also believe the blockchain system should have a self-evolving functionality to improve and evolve themselves, not only by the developer team, but also by the community. So we bring another idea named Nebulas Force to improve it, to make Nebulas blockchain has better functionality to improve, to make all the blockchains stronger and bigger and grow faster.

2.Is Nebulas just Google for blockchain?

It is more than that. As I just said, Nebulas is the next generation blockchain system. We believe there is a lot of value behind all the information, all the data, all the transaction. So we bring our new dimension, the value dimension to the blockchain. We bring Nebulas Rank, we bring Nebulas Force. We believe blockchain is not only a technology, blockchain is an organism and economy. We hope we can use our effort to make blockchain bigger and stronger.

3.What’s the function of Nebulas token?

Nebulas token is a very important part in Nebulas ecosystem. As we know, the source code of Nebulas is public and open-sourced. That means everyone can get our source code and find out what’s inside, the good features and also the bugs. So in our blockchain system, in our blockchain economy, we need some kind of mechanism to protect the data consistently, to protect our network, to maintain our network. That’s why the Nebulas token exists. In our system, the Nebulas token is used for transaction fee. Whenever users transmit transaction to others, or deploy smart contract or maybe write smart contract, they should pay for the transaction fee. And all the fee is rewarded to the bookkeepers, who maintain the network, who write the next block, who keep the data consistently. So we want to use that functionality or mechanism to protect our network, to make our network be safer and stronger.

4.How can ordinary community member participate Nebulas project?

Nebulas is an open-sourced community. We hope and we wish more and more people will join us and participate us. So for normal users, you can spread our vision, our mission, spread the tutorial documentation to the world, to the others, to help us find out more bugs, provide more user-friendly tools. And also for the developers, you can bring your idea to the Nebulas community, for example, your own Cryptokitty or maybe Cryptodogs, or something like that. We want you to bring your own idea to the new world. We want you to bring your idea to the Nebulas community. And also developers can help us in the Nebulas core, the core protocol, the core code and the user-developer tools or maybe something like that, you can help us to finish some to-do-list task, or may be help us on the documentation, or may be find bugs. Yeah, so we wish normal people will come to join us, help us build a better and safer Nebulas ecosystem.

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