Nebulas Bi-weekly Community Dynamics # 51

Welcome to Nebulas Weekly Report #51, delivering the latest updates on the Nebulas project. This report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or tweet us @nebulasio.

Notes: To facilitate community members, Nebulas team has adjusted the weekly report, breaking it into community dynamics and development updates. The two parts will be alternately released on a weekly basis.

Community Dynamics

NAS token swap via NAS nano (v2.2.0) has ended

NAS token swap via NAS nano (v2.2.0) has ended on 16:00, October 10 (UTC+8), 2018. NAS nano thereafter doesn’t support the self-service token swap within 72 hours. After the self-service token swap ends on 16:00, October 10 (UTC+8), ERC20 token holders can still swap their tokens via exchanges. Currently, exchanges that support swapping ERC20 tokens to Mainnet NAS coins are and

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The Nebulas Council has finished the snapshot for the mainnet NAS address

The Nebulas Council has finished the snapshot for the mainnet NAS address. Community members with full ownership of Nebulas mainnet address (Nebulas addresses start with “n1”) can confirm their claims from October 17 (UTC+8), 2018.

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Nebulas has announced the cooperation with UDAP

Nebulas has announced the cooperation with UDAP. The cooperation with UDAP is in accord with Nebulas technical vision and will definitely promote the innovation and prosperity of the two sides, as well as providing a solid basis for healthy and sustainable development of Nebulas ecosystem, hence bring benefits to the whole industry.

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Nebulas official twitter account is available again

Last week, Nebulas official twitter account has been suspended for several days for unknown reasons. Now the twitter account reopen again and more following announcements will be update through Nebulas Official Twitter. Keep following us on twitter account.

Several blockchain projects decided to access Nebulas Rank

TokenMania, Searchain, RatingToken, and Odaily had decided to access Nebulas Rank, after the implementation of off-chain Nebulas Rank (NR) code and SDK released. Nebulas Rank is a unique multi-dimension measure standard of data value, which will provide on-chain native interact objective reference for blockchain projects.

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