Nebulas Bi-Weekly Community Dynamics#59

Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program

The healthy development of Nebulas ecosystem needs joint efforts of the community. Based on this idea, Nebulas initiated Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program, to invite community members to join us and contribute to our Wiki. For those who join to write, maintain and optimize our Wiki, Nebulas will give some NAS rewards as incentives. Together let’s build a bigger and healthier Nebulas ecosystem.
Learn more: Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program

Autonomous Metanet Debut on Nebulas New Website, Native on-chain Incentive Will Become A Reality in 2019

Last week, Nebulas released its new website, which contains a lot of new features. The roadmap of Autonomous Metanet was released for the first time. Ultimately, the Autonomous Metanet will achieve the Nebulas technical vision of a blockchain system where all participants benefit from a decentralized world. The future of collaboration is coming. Nebulas team also hope that the community can play a more positive role in the construction of Autonomous Metanet.
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Nebulas Joined PCTA Reddit AMA Series 3

At 21:00~22:00(UTC+8) on November 29th 2018, the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) hosted its 3rd live ask-me-anything (AMA) session at the r/CryptoCurrency channel on Reddit. The Reddit topic featured by “What we can learn from data about the recent crypto market crash?” Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and co-founder Aero Wang joined the discussion and shared with the community their viewpoints. The recap of this AMA has been published on our Medium blog. 
Learn more: What can we learn from the recent market crash? PCTA’s data experts share their insights

Nebulas Technical Director Attended AWS Re: Invent 2018

Recently, Nebulas technical director Joel Wang attended AWS Re: Invent 2018 in Las Vegas, NV, and had a discussion with AWS blockchain team.

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