Making Sense of the Neobiological Revolution
Note from the editor

Mapping the brain, sequencing the genome, decoding the microbiome, extending life, curing diseases, editing mutations. We live in a time of awe and possibility — and also enormous responsibility. Are you prepared?

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Jane Metcalfe
Founder of Neo.life. Entrepreneur in media (Wired) and food (TCHO). Lover of mountains, horses, roses, and kimchee, though not necessarily in that order.
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Brian Bergstein
Editor at NEO.LIFE. Former executive editor of MIT Technology Review; former technology & media editor at The Associated Press
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Art director
Nicholas Vokey
Los Angeles-based graphic designer and animator.
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Laura Cochrane
“To oppose something is to maintain it.” — Ursula K. Le Guin
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Amanda Schaffer
writes for the New Yorker and Neo.life, and is a former medical columnist for Slate. @abschaffer
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Mallory Pickett
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Karen Weintraub
Health/Science journalist passionate about human health, cool research and great storytelling.
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Anna Nowogrodzki
Science and tech journalist. Writing in Nature, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Neo.Life, & others.
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Juan Enriquez
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Christina Farr
Tech and features writer. @Stanford grad.
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Making sense of the Neobiological Revolution. Get the email at www.neo.life.
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Maria Finn
I’m an author and tell stories across multiple mediums including prose, food, gardens, technology & narrative mapping. www.mariafinn.com Instagram maria_finn1.
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Stephanie Pappas
I write about science, technology and the things people do with them.
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David Eagleman
Neuroscientist at Stanford, internationally bestselling author of fiction and non-fiction, creator and presenter of PBS’ The Brain.
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Kristen V. Brown
Reporter @Gizmodo covering biotech.
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David Ewing Duncan
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Dorothy Santos
writer, editor, curator, and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area about.me/dorothysantos.com
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Dr. Sophie Zaaijer
CEO of PlayDNA, Postdoctoral fellow at the New York Genome Center, Runway postdoc at Cornell Tech.
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Andrew Rosenblum
I’m a freelance tech writer based in Oakland, CA. You can find my work at Neo.Life, the MIT Technology Review, Popular Science, and many other places.
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Diana Crow
Fledgling science journalist here, hoping to foster discussion about the ways science acts as a catalyst for social change #biology
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Ashton Applewhite
Calling for a radical aging movement. Anti-ageism blog+talk+book
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Grace Rubenstein
Journalist, editor, media producer. Social/bio science geek. Tweets on health science, journalism, immigration. Spanish speaker & dancing fool.
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Elizabeth Preston
Science and other sundries.
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Esther Dyson
Internet court jEsther -- I occupy Esther Dyson. Founder @HICCup_co https://t.co/5dWfUSratQ http://t.co/a1Gmo3FTQv
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Jessica Leber
Freelance science and technology journalist and editor, formerly on staff at Fast Company, Vocativ, MIT Technology Review, and ClimateWire.
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Jessica Carew Kraft
An anthropologist, artist, and naturalist writing about health, education, and rewilding. Mother to two girls in San Francisco.
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Corby Kummer
Senior editor, The Atlantic, five-time James Beard Journalism Award winner, restaurant reviewer for New York, Boston, and Atlanta magazines
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K McGowan
Journalist. Reporting on health, medicine, science, other excellent things. T: @mcgowankat
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Rob Waters
I’m a journalist living in Berkeley. I write about health, science, social justice and policy. Father of 1. From Detroit.
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Yiting Sun
writes for MIT Technology Review and Neo.life from Beijing, and was based in Accra, Ghana, in 2014 and 2015.
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Richard Sprague
Curious amateur. Years of near-daily microbiome experiments. US CEO of AI healthcare startup http://airdoc.com
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Bob Parks ✂
Connoisseur of the slap dash . . . maker . . . teacher . . . freelance writer and reporter.
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Marcus Woo
Science journalist
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Julia Faith Sklar
Freelance journalist, covering mostly women's health. Find me at @jfsklar on Twitter.
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Steven Kotler
Author. Cofounder and Director of Research Flow Genome Project. Gravity Lover.
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Moheb Costandi
Neuroscientist-turned-writer. Author of ‘Neuroplasticity’ {MIT Press, 2016) and ‘50 Human Brain Ideas You Really Need to Know’ (Quercus, 2013)
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Lee Cooper
Reader and writer; reducing the burden of genetic disease
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Britt Wray
Author, broadcaster, PhD Candidate
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Nicole Prause
Nicole Prause, PhD, is a sexual psychophysiologist studying how brain-genital connections affect our health. She is also a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles.
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Sandrine Ceurstemont
I’m a science and technology writer currently experiencing desert life in Morocco.
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Shelby Pope
Bay Area writer // shelbypope.com
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Daisy Robinton, PhD
Molecular & developmental biologist, science storyteller, fitness and lifestyle model, life enthusiast.
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Ron Shigeta
CSO of WildEarthPets, Investor and Entrepreneur in the Future of Food. Co-Founder, IndieBio and Startup Biotech.
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Alissa Greenberg is a freelance journalist based in Berkeley who writes about strange science, community, travel, culture, and hidden histories
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Tinker Ready
Health and science news from Boston and beyond
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Emma Yasinski
Science journalist, swim teacher, amateur chef, mediocre triathlete, tragic dancer. Jack of all trades except giving directions. emmayasinski.com