Making Sense of the Neo-biological Revolution
Note from the editor

Mapping the brain, sequencing the genome, decoding the microbiome, extending life, curing diseases, editing mutations. We live in a time of awe and possibility — and also enormous responsibility. Are you prepared?

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Jane Metcalfe
Founder of Neo.life. Entrepreneur in media (Wired) and food (TCHO), Obsessed with how we can harness science, tech and food to improve our species.
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Brian Bergstein
Story seeker and story teller. Editor at Neo.life. Editor at Large, MIT Technology Review.
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Art director
Nicholas Vokey
Los Angeles-based graphic designer and animator.
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Saul Carlin
plants & waters seeds
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Rachel Lehmann-Haupt
Editor, www.theartandscienceoffamily.com & NEO.LIFE, author of In Her Own Sweet Time: Egg Freezing and the New Frontiers of Family
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Amanda Schaffer
writes for the New Yorker and Neo.life, and is a former medical columnist for Slate. @abschaffer
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Mallory Pickett
freelance journalist in Los Angeles
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Karen Weintraub
Health/Science journalist passionate about human health, cool researcher and telling stories.
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Anna Nowogrodzki
Science and tech journalist. Writing in Nature, National Geographic, Smithsonian, mental_floss, & others.
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Juan Enriquez
Best-selling author, Managing Director of Excel Venture Management.
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Christina Farr
Tech and features writer. @Stanford grad.
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Making sense of the Neo-biological revolution. Get the email at www.neo.life.
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Maria Finn
I’m an author and tell stories across multiple mediums including prose, food, gardens, technology & narrative mapping. www.mariafinn.com Instagram maria_finn1.
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Stephanie Pappas
I write about science, technology and the things people do with them.
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David Eagleman
Neuroscientist at Stanford, internationally bestselling author of fiction and non-fiction, creator and presenter of PBS’ The Brain.
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Kristen V. Brown
Reporter @Gizmodo covering biotech.
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