Not-So-Fungible Weekly Edition #6

Another non-fungible week has passed by, and I’m sure you’ve been fumbling to keep up with the news at work this week, but don’t worry I’ve got your back for your non-fungible juiciness.

Here’s your news for WEEK 6:

🔔Non-Fungible Major Announcements🔔

1. RareBits launches FanBits, a DIY cryptocollectible creation platform

Content Creators can now create their own cryptocollectibles in minutes, giving them a passive revenue stream. Every time the cryptocollectibles are traded on a marketplace, the creator receives 10% of the sale price. Content creation platforms give fans the ability to support content creators through collecting valuables rather than sponsoring a donation. How cool would it be to have a PewDiePie Edgar cryptocollectible before PewDiePie became popular?

2. Tari is a new protocol for digital assets using ring-signatures co-founded by a superstar team

Tari wants to become a protocol responsible for the transfer of digital assets. Tari will use merge-mined side-chain of Monero, and use lightning to handle scalability throughput. It’ll be interesting to see if they can receive support from the developer community.

“Today, most digital assets such as event tickets, in-game items, loyalty points and virtual currencies are siloed due to restrictions that limit their use and secondary market trade” — Naveen Jain, co-founder of Tari and Serial Entrepreneur

3. Toshi gives a sneak peak for their web3/wallet extension for Chrome

Damn, does this look nice. Toshi (and Coinbase in general) has been massively upping their game lately. Toshi will soon be web compatible to complement their existing mobile app.

Other 👍NFT happenings

  1. Why We’re Putting Sports Cards on the Blockchain by Gianni Settino— Gianni and his team have been suiting up for the CryptoStrikers launch, and in doing so he wrote about why sport cards on the blockchain are important. There’s also some kickass features implemented like swapping a Cryptokitty for a pack!
  2. Announcing Gallery: A NFT system for exclusive, uncopyable digital art by Duncan Cock Foster — Gallery uses a “smart canvas” hardware system to display digital art with an interesting twist. Check out Duncan’s announcement of his new project!

3. Pandas are now brought to the blockchain with — On the surface, this may be seen as a Cryptokitty clone, but has a social welfare twist. They’ve cloned every panda in existence as a digital sound good. Can we protect endangered species with tokens? 🤔

Other projects have also recently been experimenting with “live tokens”.

4. With the World Cup only a few weeks away, Crypto-Cup has launched! CryptoCup is a World Cup bracket based on Ethereum where any user can generate their own non-fungible token representing their entry and predictions in the World Cup. The best part is, you can trade your ticket at any time during the tournament, giving an interesting dynamic to the competition. You can submit a prediction here.

📰Not-So-Fungible Weekly Tokenized Edition #6📰

As announced on twitter, each week I’ll be working with a new artist or a new creator on tokenizing my newsletter with a piece of digital art. Only a single non-fungible token will be minted each week. By owning a tokenized edition of the newsletter, you’ll be able to support the Not-So-Fungible brand and help out the creator. All profits of the sale go to the artist in an effort to support creators in blockchain!

Here’s this week’s edition on SuperRare made by XCOPY

You can bid for this week’s edition here

As always, I’m super stoked about talking to others about the possibilities of NFTs. If you want to talk about NFTs, or anything crypto related, drop me a line on twitter @flynnjamm, my DMs are always open.

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