nOS Presale Application Deadline & TGE Instructions

Today we’re announcing the deadline for nOS Presale applications, along with more details on how to participate in the upcoming TGE (both public sale and presale).

Dean van Dugteren
Jul 16, 2018 · 3 min read

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Want to join the nOS pre-sale?

There’s still time to build a dApp on the nOS Client!

Two birds with one stone: build a game on nOS and submit it to the NEO.Game competition as well!


July 31st 23:59 (11:59PM) CEST
Bookmark the countdown timer.

Token economics and whitepaper coming soon.

TGE Requirements

These requirements are necessary for any stage of the TGE (including the public sale phase). Additional details such as token economics will be announced in the future.

How to qualify for the TGE

If you want to participate in any stage of the TGE, including the public sale, you need 2 things:

IMPORTANT: You cannot change the NEO account for your planned TGE contribution later, so make sure your private keys are stored safe and secure! We recommend creating and storing a new account on the nOS Client for participating in the TGE.

Pre-sale Requirements

Can I apply to the nOS Presale Whitelist?

You may qualify for the pre-sale if you:

If you qualify: Follow the instructions below to secure your application.

Pre-sale Application Instructions

  1. Download the nOS Client
  2. Open the client and log in with the NEO account that you want to use for your TGE contribution. It is recommended to create a new NEO account with the client.
  3. In the nOS Client, you will see “My nOS App”. Click the Sign Up button in the top right of the page.
  4. Enter your details and create your account.
  • If you participated in the nOS UI Design Competition:
    Make sure you’re logged in to the client with the NEO address that you used in your UI Competition submission.
  • If you subscribed to the VDT.Network Newsletter before April 14th:
    Make sure you use the same e-mail address from your newsletter subscription.
  • If you built a dApp:
    Submit your dApp to nOS by following the instructions in this article.
  • If you contributed to the nOS Codebase:
    Submit your contributions by clicking “Submit Contributions”, and clearly listing them.

If you qualify for the presale, you will receive an email notification by the time we release our TGE and token economics details.

Disclaimer: No whitelist application is guaranteed access to any stage of the TGE.

Restricted Countries

The following countries are restricted from participating in the public sale or presale stage of the nOS TGE:


This list may be updated in the future.

nOS - Blockchain Powered Virtual Operating System

nOS is a virtual operating system allowing you to connect to the Blockchain Powered Open Internet.

Dean van Dugteren

Written by

Founder of nOS: Blockchain Powered Virtual Operating System —

nOS - Blockchain Powered Virtual Operating System

nOS is a virtual operating system allowing you to connect to the Blockchain Powered Open Internet.

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