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We do various things.

State of The Obvious Corporation: 2013

Recently news came out that Obvious partner Biz Stone is starting a new company called Jelly. What is Jelly? Biz is planning to share more of that…

Being Obvious

Great ideas are Obvious in retrospect.

The Obvious Corporation is more of a philosophy than a company or product. We focus our long term view on ideas and…

Building Medium

What does a publishing system designed for today’s content, information, and communication landscape look like?

Neighboring Issues

We need only glance at the headlines from Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street to understand that people are passionate about connecting over issues.

Branching Out

Information democratization is a wonderful thing—we’ve always believed that the open exchange of information makes the world a better place.

Going Beyond

Obvious has a goal to build systems that help people work together to make the world a better place. There are many different kinds of systems.

Lifting Up

Technology alone does not bring about meaningful change—people do. Technology can help.

Making change happen is not about following gurus, it’s about paying…

The Obvious Collection
The Obvious Collection

We do various things.

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