On Philanthropy

Concerning philanthropy, charity, nonprofits, and foundations.

The Strategic Philanthropist

Why giving is not easy if you care

Strategy and innovation is not just for the organisations that create new products and services…

Pity for the Poor, or When Do We Get to Hear the Good News?

Constructive narratives are better the world

A dose of innovation in grant-making

It’s high time for human-centered design

‘Human-Centered Design’ and ‘Design Thinking’ have gotten quite a bit of attention…

Christmas dinner

A story essay about charity, tax, and leftovers

Christmas Day, and as usual, we are spending it with friends. We call ourselves ‘Christmas orphans’. We are all immigrants, and our families are in other countries.

‘You have to see the Christmas decorations at the Empress’, I say. ‘They are the best thing. The best.’

Breakthrough Philanthropy: Just Give Them the Money

Good Ventures will match every dollar up to $5M to GiveDirectly through Jan 31, 2014

31 Nonprofits Who Made Waves In 2013

Check out these inspiring and innovative nonprofits who stand out from the crowd.

My Year Of Giving 

Trying to Say “Yes” Every Time Someone Asked For Money in 2013.

I’ve never made very much money. And I suppose that was the reason…

#GivingTuesday Is Here

Make a list, check it twice, then give!

Happy Giving Tuesday! What you say? That’s right, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is a new…

#GivingTuesday. Get to it.

Who you can support today.

In my mind, charities have become the good version of the mafia. They do the dirty work that we don’t want to…

#GivingTuesday Gaining Ground

The Power of Digital Civil Society

Consumer spending on holiday shopping this past weekend was down $1.7 billion dollars, according to

On Private Donations to Public Schools

Glamorous and lucrative school auctions to support wealthy suburban schools have become a stock feature of popular writing about Silicon Valley. David Kaplan opened his 1999 book, The Silicon Boys, with an account of the over-the-top excesses of the annual charity auction of the Woodside School Foundation. And George Packer’s recent article in the New

Why We’re Wrong About Social Change

An interview with Peter Buffett about “philanthropic colonialism” and why we need to envision a new world.

Coca-Cola Saves The World

The future of marketing is philanthropy. Here’s an idea which illustrates this concept.

Peter Buffett and the Media-‘Karpman Drama Triangle’ Complex

Yesterday, I was disappointed to see the op-ed by Peter Buffett in the NYT decrying philanthropy as a superficial form of absolution for the rich. That said, I’ve learned to understand that when you see an extreme opinion like this in the public sphere, it exists because there is some important truth to it that the public…

Does Philanthropy Help the Poor? Should it?

Caring for the Needs of Strangers

Peter Singer says that people who give to art museums rather than to poverty…

What Are Foundations For?

On the role of philanthropy in democratic societies

I’ve been writing about the role of philanthropy in democracy for the past few years. Through my work with the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, I’ve come to understand a little better the work of one significant component of American philanthropy: private philanthropic…

On Philanthropy
On Philanthropy

Concerning philanthropy, charity, nonprofits, and foundations.

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