On Survival

In all shapes and sizes

Crying. Wolf.

Saipan, 2001:
I'm on the bed in the bedroom of the ground floor apartment that I no longer share with my first husband. He's standing over me and I feel very, very tired. And desperate. But mostly just exhausted. The kind of soul-grinding exhaustion that makes me want to curl in on myself and disappear. I feel my eyes beginning to close without my consent and realize that I want…

The Garbage Dump in Ethiopia Where Death comes to Life

This town’s Waste Management solutions keep life sustained on the side of a cliff.

Survival: When startups do what they gotta do

A triumph of perserverence and implimentation over brilliant ideas

Three years into operations Fred Smith’s company, costs of supplies started rising sharply, he was losing $1,000,000 a month. His company hit such a low point that all it had left to its name was $5,000. It wasn't enough for his machines to keep…

What world do you want to live in?

Seeing unhappy faces around yourself decreases your chances for happiness.

What’s in the 1% DNA Difference From the Chimps?

Humanity can hope for a better future only if quality science-based education becomes available to all people

Accuracy of Data Stored in Human Brains

The invisible powerful dimension that shapes human lives and societies

Definition of Effective Survival…

Suicidal Thoughts in the Happiest Place on Earth

How children endure things they do not understand

10 Skills You’ll Need to Survive the Apocalypse

If surviving is even worth it, that is….

Whether it’s a nuclear war, zombie apocalypse, or some viral epidemic…

Self-taught Bushcraft

A simple step-by-step course to learn how to “use” the outdoors even if you live in the city

The Pursuit of Protein

Excerpted from ‘The Disaster Diaries’

The sun slanted heavily into the canyon, cutting bars through the trees, on an unseasonably warm October…

Pack Your Lunch

An excerpt from ‘The Disaster Diaries’

Surviving is often nuts and bolts, food and shelter. On any typical camping trip, with the right ten items, it…

On remembering where you came from

I am losing my Tagalog.

I call it my first-and-a-half language. Though I was born in the U.S. to highly educated parents who speak…

The Primary Component

I worked as a wildland firefighter for a couple of seasons, and it’s an interesting job—sometimes. There’s an unusual conflict of needs: gritty manual labor and…

On Survival
On Survival

In all shapes and sizes

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