NEO Council ONT Airdrop Second Half Notice / NEO理事会再次空投公告

Earlier this year the NEO Council announced an ONT airdrop for all NEO token holders ( The snapshot was taken at block height 1974823, which occurred at 09:15:33 AM (UTC+8) on March 1st, 2018. NEO token holders who held NEO during the snapshot have already received the first half of the airdrop (0.1 ONT per 1 NEO) to their NEO address.

The second half of the airdrop (an additional 0.1 ONT per 1 NEO) has now been sent. For those who received the first half of the airdrop, it was not sent to your NEO address, instead it was sent to your MainNet ONT address. Your MainNet ONT address has the same public address, private key, and WIF as your NEO address.

There are several ways for you to access your MainNet ONT address:

  • Using ONTO ( Once you have downloaded ONTO, use the “Import a wallet” function. Enter your NEO wallet private key or WIF, create a password, and you will be able to see your MainNet ONT in your wallet.
  • Using third party wallets which will support MainNet ONT. O3 have announced they will support MainNet ONT in their latest version.
  • If your NEO was on an exchange address during the snapshot, please refer to the exchange for their ONT airdrop policy.
  • If your NEO was on Ledger during the snapshot, ONTO’s desktop version, scheduled for August, will have functions for Ledger users to complete the token swap and claim their NEO Council ONT airdrop second half by using their mnemonic phrase.

ONT and ONG transactions have a 0.01 ONG fee.

There are several ways you can get ONG:

  • When you complete NEP-5 ONT token swap you will automatically receive your unclaimed ONG since the beginning of MainNet. You can read more about ONG unbinding here.
  • If you have unbound ONG you can claim it at any time (however, this too requires a 0.01 ONG fee). Your claimable ONG will only update after a transaction has been made.
  • Buy ONG on exchanges when it is listed.

For further questions, please refer to the NEO Council Airdrop FAQ. If you can’t find your answer there, message us on Discord and we’ll update the FAQ accordingly.

Thank you,

The Ontology Team




  • 通过ONTO(。您下载好ONTO后,请使用“导入钱包”功能,并输入您NEO钱包的私钥或WIF,创建新密码,您就可以在您的钱包中查看您的主网ONT。
  • 通过支持主网ONT的第三方钱包。O3宣布将在其最新版本中支持主网ONT
  • 如果您的NEO在快照期间地址处于交换所,请参考交换所的ONT空投政策。

ONT和ONG交易均会产生0.01 ONG的手续费。


  • 当您完成NEP-5 ONT代币交换,您会自动收到您自主网上线起未领取的ONG。更多ONG取消绑定信息,请点击此处
  • 如果您取消绑定ONG,您可以随时领取ONG(然而,这也会产生0.01ONG手续费)。您可申领的ONG仅会在一项交易完成后更新。
  • 可在ONG在交易所上市时进行购买。