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OCG is now “The Bitcoin Blog” a place for all things Bitcoin. Hosted by Jason Deane, Community Lead of the Bitcoin Pioneers & the Bitcoin HODLers, Co-owner of the Bitcoin Racing Team, Author of “How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Mum” & veteran Bitcoin Miner.
Note from the editor

Welcome to The Bitcoin Blog (formerly OCG) for all things Bitcoin related, including news, opinion - or just an amusing story! Content here is created for beginners up to intermediate level and tends to focus on Bitcoin’s impact on economics and how it is changing people’s lives. Nothing deeply technical and definitely no alt coins. Remember, Bitcoin is NOT crypto! Please enjoy, debate, feedback and get in touch if you want to!

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Jason Deane
I blog on things I am passionate about: Bitcoin, writing, money, life’s crazy turns and being a dad. Lover of learning, family and cheese. (jasondeane@msn.com)
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Cyberian Mine GmbH
Berlin based startup bringing renewable and inexpensive hydro electricity from Siberia to the European cryptomining market.
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A reliable cryptocurrency market price index, Prices, caps, Charts, Exchanges, Guides, ICOs, News, and Sources
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Senior Consultant SEO at Panamax, Bankai & MobifinX. UX Strategist, UX Architect, Content Strategist, UX Researcher, UX Designer,Social Marketer
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Jon Frowski
A legal trained technologist by day and a Blockchain & Economy researcher by night. Let’s have a candid discussion about personal finances, and what they mean.
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AsanaCrypto 🚀
Passionate about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Opinions & posts are my own
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Adam Galtrey
Software Engineer | Passionate about Tech & Finance | https://adamgaltrey.com
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Nomadic Money
Boring advice since 1991. Curious about everything around personal finance, philosophy of money, becoming better every day. Love to fall down rabbit holes.
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Crypto currency and technology entusiast, IT professional.
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Nicky Havey
Trance, Drum & Bass Producer, Travel, UK Bitcoin Pioneer & Co-Author at The Bitcoin Manual - #mentalhealthawareness - Not a financial advisor
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Ché Köhler
Co-founder of nichemarket, a South African Business Directory and digital marketing agency — https://www.nichemarket.co.za/ ⚡️dressyvise20@walletofsatoshi.com
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"CRYPTO mania: A captivating Medium blog exploring the ins and outs of the thrilling world of cryptocurrencies, providing insights and analysis.
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Charles Lloyd Bovaird II
Financial writer and editor. Forbes Senior Contributor. Independent Consultant for Moody's Analytics. Freelancer for Insider. Eagle Scout. Freemason. Shriner.
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Alexandre Lores
Founder of thelatestblock.com. Director of Blockchain Markets Research for Quantum Economics. Writing about all things Bitcoin, crypto, NFTs and fintech
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Libertarian Thinker
I explain ideas and concepts of libertarianism and Austrian economics simply and show how applying them can make your life better, happier, and more prosperous.