OriginTrail Monthly Report #12: December 2018

The last month of 2018 brought us to some of the most important milestones in the development of the project. We started the month by announcing our amazingly well-accepted partnership with Oracle, a development still resonating with the tech community. Soon after, we launched the OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet. This was a big surprise for the community, which grew significantly in December. The launch was a success and the network is running smoothly. We built the strong foundations of our ecosystem last year and, in 2019, we will work tirelessly to scale it further.

OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet Launch

The world’s first decentralized network for global supply chain data exchange arrived on December 7th. The OriginTrail Vostok Mainnet is now bringing the benefits of the blockchain and decentralization to global supply chains. The network was designed to increase the integrity of the data shared between parties and tackle the problems of data interoperability and interconnectivity. You can read more about the network, setup your node, and discuss the mainnet with our tech community on Discord.

OriginTrail Partnered Up With Oracle

OriginTrail and Oracle have entered into a technology partnership that will result in an integration between the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service and the OriginTrail network. We are working on an integration between Oracle’s products and services and the OriginTrail Decentralized Network that will enable trusted data sharing based on distributed ledger technologies. This partnership will allow companies that are already using Oracle products and services to easily use OriginTrail’s solutions. It also allows for the easier integration of Oracle systems with various blockchains. Furthermore, this partnership paves the way to OriginTrail’s integration with Hyperledger Fabric, in addition to the Ethereum blockchain.

At the announcement of the partnership, Oracle also opened its door to Ivan On Tech, the leading blockchain tech educator, who shot an interview with their management and the OriginTrail’s founders.

Open Call for Innovative Projects Utilizing the OriginTrail Protocol Is In a Full Swing

At the end of November, we announced the 39 projects that were admitted to the next round of our open call and are competing for exciting rewards — mentorship and up to USD 30,000 in TRAC tokens for launching their project on the OriginTrail network. In December, we published the project videos and demos. At the same time, we opened the registrations for a community vote which will happen at the end of January. Every TRAC holder will get the chance to select their top 3 projects that are competing for attractive rewards and mentorship. The voting will be executed through a smart contract. Projects are already proactively engaging with the OriginTrail community with an ambition to gain interest and support. During January, you will have a number of chances to get to know the projects. A great insight into the variety of projects — from sectors like food tech and online invoicing — is this YouTube playlist of all the projects’ presentations.

Communication Highlights: Community Growth and Improved Media Reach

In December, the communications team was blessed to have a lot of interesting developments to excitedly communicate to the public. Here are the highlights:

We received a great media response to the Oracle partnership:

The partnership was covered by crypto influencer Ivan on Tech, several media outlets — Invest in Blockchain, Bitcoin Exchange Guide, Bitstarz — and proudly shared by the leaders of both companies.

The Ivan on Tech Interview reached 12,000 views:

Ivan Liljeqvist, one of the most renowned blockchain educators, gave the community an inside peek into OriginTrail’s offices and interviewed the founders. Then, he met representatives from our new partner, Oracle.

Nye The Crypto Guy’s interview went live:

We had a blast working with Michael, is one of the early supporters of the project. Co-founders Žiga Drev and Branimir Rakić gave an interview from our Belgrade office:

In December, we presented OriginTrail at three events:

  • Co-founder and CTO Branimir Rakić presented at Google’s DevFest, the first GDG event in Ljubljana, Slovenia:
  • As part of the SmartAgriHubs project, we attended a seminar in Antwerp, Belgium:
  • CMO Maja Voje presented our Q4 campaigns to the blockchain community in Slovenia:

We worked on education as it is the key to implementation:

Since 80% of the future blockchain adopters are in the exploration phase of the implementation, which means that they still have to define a use case that makes sense for their organization, OriginTrail pioneered educational content to help companies and organizations adopt blockchain-based solutions. The first pieces of educational content are:

  • A three part free video tutorial series created and narrated by John G. Keogh, Chairman of the Trace Alliance. Part 1: Blockchain-driven Value Chain Transparency & Trust; Part 2: A Brief Overview of the GS1 System; and Part 3: Implementing the Blockchain — How to Get Started. Enjoy the content here.
  • CMO Maja Voje wrapped up the key concepts discussed at Structure a Traceability Use Case using blockchain technologies that we developed in order to help business practitioners structure their use cases. We are starting a new mailing list for community members who are interested in educating themselves on applied blockchain topics.

The OriginTrail community grew:

Our social media following increased significantly in December. The OriginTrail Holiday Giveaway went viral and we saw some nice monthly growth rates. Not only did our Twitter and Telegram following grow as the result of a giveaway program, we also measured a 20% growth rate on Discord due to the mainnet launch, 33% of growth in membership in the Trace Alliance LinkedIn group and overall 327% more traffic on the webpage. With an increased interest in the project due to the mainnet launch, new Oracle partnership and innovative projects such as open call, this spike was a nice way to wrap up the year.

This was December 2018 in a nutshell. We would like to sincerely thank everybody who has been supporting us on this journey. In January, we will celebrate the first anniversary since OriginTrail’s token generation event was successfully finished and we are preparing a surprise blog post very soon. :)

In the meanwhile, if you’d like to reflect on our progress in 2018, we kindly invite you to read the blog post 2018 in Retrospective, where we highlighted the most important milestones in TRACstory.

Trace on & let 2019 be the year of mass adoption!

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