14 More #OSTa2 Projects (Pt. 2)

Last week we announced that we accepted 142 out of 250 OST KIT⍺ Phase II Proofs of Concept applications. Developer teams providing a successful POC submission will be rewarded with 50,000 $OST. There’s also a Grand Reward of 250,000 additional OST + an extra four reward categories, each with a prize of 25,000 additional OST.

We covered 14 unique #OSTa2 projects in our previous post, and now we’re introducing 14 more OST KIT Alpha projects: Happy reading!


BrainsFirst matches cognitive supply and demand in professional sports and business. Companies invite candidates to play brain games on their platform, called ’The NeurOlympics’. The platform is still company-centered, and BrainsFirst wants to flip this model to candidate-centered. It will use Blockchain to enable candidates to control their data and to allow them to be rewarded for their data and referrals.
 — The Netherlands


Tynewoods will migrate its network of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals from in-person education and social events onto a collaborative interface. Through tokenization with OST, Tynewoods enables blockchain-focused talent sourcing, project team-building, and remote collaboration between trades and professions necessary to launch successful technology products.
 — United States


Imagine a medical economy, where suppliers, patients and doctors can charge and pay for pharmaceutical goods and services. Patients can transfer JM Branded Tokens to friends and family, and hospitals would pay for their staff and medical equipment with said tokens. Bonus: An airdrop program to provide patients living in poverty with free JM tokens, making healthcare available to everyone. 


StarClinch is a booking platform for live performance artists. “Think Uber for dancers, singers, musicians, bands, speakers, singers etc.” They will demonstrate currency transactions between their artists and content creators and between clients and artists. Their average ticket size is around $1k and they generate about 100 bookings per month. StarClinch wants to convert at least 10% of their turn-over to crypto.
 — India


Pac Man Challenge is about building a community around the competitive nature of gamers. A simple to play, yet easy to master game is the ultimate test of skill against your peers. They’re using a branded token as a form of in-game currency, to power their international marketplace, and to hold tournament entry fees & distribute prizes to winners.
 — Australia


An ambitious project still in stealth mode, AlpRockz is a CHF-backed “stablecoin” which is 100% collateralized in Swiss banks and in ultra secure storage vaults deep inside Swiss mountains. The goal of their POC is to evaluate OST as a foundation for their stable Swiss coin. Her Majesty’s Secret Service, anyone?
 — Switzerland


PraiseRequest aims to tokenise open source software development. As of October 2017, there were 25.3 million active open source projects on GitHub. The team envisions a system that would allow developers to reward other developers who have authored Pull Requests they believe to have positively contributed to a particular project, would in effect tokenise open source development.
 — United Kingdom


Crypto Times wants to become the “one stop platform for latest & live crypto news”. The platform wants to incentivize content publishes and readers alike with their own Branded Token, for submitting fresh content, sharing, upvoting and for spreading the word about the Crypo Times community.
 — United States


Hallet Co wants to tackle different use cases with their POC, but for today’s post they wish to elaborate on how they want to help the caviar industry. The idea is to show consumers a “who’s who” of the caviar they’re about to purchase: Which fish, date of conception (!), timeframe of harvesting, packaging and shipping — and much more. The higher goal here is to prohibit counterfeit caviar from entering the ecosystem.
 — China


A system for event organizers to reward event attendees. As simple as that. Hackital organizes 500+ person hackathons that are usually all about Ethereum-related projects; and they want to reward people who teach others, go to workshops, present their projects, and embody the true Hacker Ethos. 
 — United States


Feedback powered by cryptocurrency. FeedbackTo wants to make it easy and rewarding to give and receive feedback from the right people. Basically, a knowledge market place for peer reviews, project assessments and information exchange — all incentivized through its own, Branded Token.
 — Poland


This project wants to launch their Branded Token to help solving the problematic micro economy of universities. Think of schools financing scholarships, students paying for food and beverages in the canteen, a marketplace to sell and trade used textbooks — even rewarding healthy lifestyle choices! 
 — Czech Republic


Vacations matter: TWG’s Branded Token will be used to reward teammates who successfully take all of their vacation days. The team hopes to create an MVP that drives positive behavioural change, learn more about developing blockchain applications, and to increase their familiarity with key concepts (wallets, private keys) throughout their studio. 
 — Canada


Blocksmith is building a betting platform for e-sports. Its users will be able to bet on their favourite team to win e-sports events. Once an event is finished, Blocksmith will reward the users that bet on the wining team with all the tokens that were staked on that event. The rewards will be distributed according to the amount of tokens each user staked.

— End

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