An OHF November to Remember

OHF Newsletter, Vol 1 No 30

Clay Rivers
Nov 29 · 4 min read
Pre-feasting sweet potato pies at Chez Clay.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s hoping you and yours experienced full tummies and hearts overflowing with thanks for love, laughter, and memories of warm gatherings past and those yet to come!

A Special Announcement . . .

The Special Projects Team at Our Human Family, in conjunction with Constant Rose Publishing, has launched OHF Magazine, a print supplement to the similarly titled Medium publication.

OHF Magazine, Issue 1

Like its online counterpart, OHF Magazine celebrates equality and embraces the diversity of human experience by showcasing the inherent humanity of all people regardless of race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, faith choice, age, physical ability, economic means, or anything that would divide our human family.

Issue 1 is a thirty-six-page stylish journal focusing on unity across differences and packed with compelling stories and stunning visuals to connect with our readers on more tangible level. A limited number of issues are available, so access your copy now.

A November to Remember

November 2019 will go down in the record books for several reasons, not only because of the historic California wildfires or the current impeachment hearings. Upon review of this month’s Our Human Family articles, the reasons to remember this November are more than obvious. Before that next slice of sweet potato pie or sip of pumpkin spice latte, curl up with these literary works for a refreshing survey of the world in which we live.

2019 Ultimate Thanksgiving How-To Guide” by Eric Griggs
If you missed Eric Griggs’s tome to all that is Thanksgiving, you missed a treat. His annually updated guide to pulling off une riche récolte is a keeper. (Tip: bookmark this opus for Christmas! You don’t want to lose track of it.)

The Flawed Psychology of the Middle-Aged Conservative White Male” by Erik Deckers
Author, humorist, and celebrated former Kerouac House writer-in-residence Erik Deckers hits all cylinders with this hilarious and insightful article about the inner workings of the MACWM (middle-aged conservative white male). Strap yourselves in. This article is a wild ride from beginning to side-splitting end.

From the GOP Playbook: Play № 2” by Michael Greiner
Our Human Family columnist, Michael Greiner addresses some very peculiar behavior which served no legal purpose during the recent impeachment hearings and finds that Republicans aren’t watching the same hearings as the rest of the world. Or they’re not working to uncover the truth as much as they are to transform it.

How We Went from Land of Opportunity to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” by Michael Greiner
Income inequality: how did we arrive at the ever-expanding chasm between the Haves and the Have-Nots? Stephen Moore, the president’s one-time pick for the Federal Reserve Board, proposed a pithy, eight-word explanation, “Capitalism is a lot more important than democracy.” Michael Greiner takes a more in-depth examination of the situation and presents a few well-informed reasons.

I Have Some Pretty Cool Stuff in My Life . . .” by Jack Herlocker
First-time Our Human Family writer and Medium stalwart Jack Herlocker shares a few things for which he’s grateful. (Just know, that his list has a decided theme to it. And that’s okay.)

Mom’s Cousin Told a Racist Joke and a Lesson Was Learned” by Glenn Rocess
Glenn Rocess
recalls the sweet irony in his antiracist act of resistance shortly after his mother’s death and explains why a little racism between family members is thought to be a good thing.

My Life: A Balanced Diet of Everything I Need” by Tre L. Loadholt
As part of our month-long series on gratitude, Tre L. Loadholt covers an extensive list of people, experiences, and things — great and small — for which she is grateful.

On Being Unapologetically Liberal” by Michael Greiner
Prompted by unsolicited personal attacks, Michael Greiner brings to light an all too common practice of the GOP standard-bearer’s supporters. And once you see it, you’ll never be able to unsee it again.

Optimism for Our Very Survival” by Adam, Diabetic Cyborg
The first in this month’s series on gratitude: Adam, Diabetic Cyborg’s decision to embrace optimism as a way of life in the face of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Major Depressive Disorder. His article is nothing short of a profile in courage.

Till Death: Why ‘The Cloud’ Can’t Cut It in a True Crisis” by Cynthia Dagnal-Myron
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron
, life-affirming and award-winning former Chicago Sun-Times journalist, strips away all pretense to reveal what’s most important in times of personal crisis.

What the New York Times Pollsters Got Wrong About Swing State Polls” by Michael Greiner
Do Democrats have reason to worry about 2020? The answer is clearly yes. But this is no time for panic.

The Ways Modern Campaign Tactics Divide Us” by Michael Greiner
It doesn’t take a political strategist to know that today’s campaign strategies thrive on dividing us, but it helps knowing someone who can explain why campaigns, candidates, and the media are successful at it. Enter: Michael Greiner.

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Love one another.

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Conversations on achieving equality

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