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Outpost 2 is a “bridge” between the world of simulation and the real world, and the Universe around us. Sometimes, there will be no frontiers between reality and simulation. It’s an advanced scouting position from where, sometimes, a new view reveals hidden details.
Note from the editor

Outpost 2, a name that pays homage to a Sci-Fi computer game from the past, is a website initially created to post notes about my Elite: Dangerous adventures, along with Flight Simulation, as I’ve Microsoft’s Flight Simulator as a permanent program in my hard-drive. I’ve expanded it to two areas, flight and space simulation, covering everything from Flight Sim World to Digital Combat Simulator or Elite, as those are my main interests, but I may well cover other areas, if and when I feel it makes sense. This space always tries to mix the real world with the virtual, simulated worlds computers allows us to explore. Mostly, you’ll find here my “travel notes” and experiences, hoping they will seduce you to explore some of these universes. Also remember that Outpost is a small military camp or position used as a guard against surprise attack. In this case, it is the place to get a different perspective or point of view over the world of simulation.

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Jose Antunes
I am a writer and photographer based on the West coast of continental Europe, a place to see the Sun die on the Sea, every day.