11 ways Pathfinder is dramatically different to any marketing tool you have seen before

Don’t confuse Pathfinder as another MailChimp or Klaviyo clone. Pathfinder is a completely new type of marketing product that uses AI to give your marketing team superpowers. Here’s how…

Dan Stearn
Jun 21 · 7 min read

1. Pathfinder can be hired to complete marketing jobs which increase take-home profits

Pathfinder is software you hire to do marketing jobs. It joins your team, operates itself and produces profit-generating campaigns for you.

Stop trying to do it all alone! Set up skills to reduce the burden on your marketing team.
  • Upsell customers after a purchase
  • Recover lost customers

2. Pathfinder learns about your business

Of course at this point you may be wondering,

Pathfinder builds a detailed store profile so it can make better decisions and design creative that is custom-fit to your unique business.

3. Pathfinder collaborates with you during meetings

When we built Pathfinder, we didn’t want it to be product that works separately from your team. We wanted it to be a product that joins your team and collaborates with you.

Collaborate with Pathfinder’s powerful AI through interactive meetings to get the best out of your team.

4. Pathfinder creates marketing campaigns for you

At the end of a meeting, Pathfinder will walk away with a set of action items to build new marketing campaigns or make changes to existing ones.

Pathfinder builds campaigns like these in seconds, custom-made for your unique business. All emails, journey logic and web messages are designed and written for you. It’s all ready, waiting for you to approve and push live.

5. Pathfinder lets you change its work and learns from your feedback

Rest assured that your human team can take over at any point by modifying any campaign, email or message Pathfinder builds for you.

Change anything Pathfinder builds for you with simple drag and drop marketing tools. Pathfinder learns from changes and never gets upset when you make amendments!

6. Pathfinder deploys all campaigns itself

In addition to making profit-boosting marketing campaigns for your store in no time flat, Pathfinder can replace all of the marketing tools in your stack.

Push campaigns live in one click. No 3rd party marketing tools required — Pathfinder has all the marketing tools it needs built-in.

7. Pathfinder profiles all of your shoppers and personalises marketing around them

Behind the scenes, Pathfinder builds Amazon-style profiles on each of your shoppers using data from dozens of touch points, classifying consumers into more than 80 different categories. It does all of this automatically.

Pathfinder generates detailed profiles on each shopper. This is your data and it is never shared, sold, or used for advertising. It is only ever used to create more relevant brand experiences for your shoppers.

8. Pathfinder is brutally accountable

Pathfinder sets up direct and accurate tracking, measurement, and revenue attribution on every campaign and message sent. This way, all marketing is held accountable to pre-determined objectives and hard numbers.

Pathfinder enforces strict accontability. Campaigns are designed around direct marketing best practices to increase profits and customers, and are held directly accountable to measurable results.

9. Pathfinder learns from results

This rigorous accountability helps Pathfinder learn and improve its marketing with every campaign it runs.

Pathfinder’s self-learning systems cause it to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work.

10. Pathfinder suggests continuous improvements

You’ll be de-briefed on the Pathfinder’s main takeaways via interactive meetings and weekly email reports. These reports will often include actionable improvements Pathfinder can make to improve campaign performance on your behalf.

Pathfinder reports takeaways in plain English to your management team, and proposes improvements which can be implemented in one-click.

11. Pathfinder implements changes and runs split tests for you

If you like a suggestion, Pathfinder will action it immediately, often requiring nothing more than the click of a button.

Pathfinder can test new ideas for you on a small segment of your contacts before applying changes more broadly if they make an impact.

And the best part? Pathfinder works for free!

As you can see, Pathfinder is a completely new type of marketing product — one that joins your team and works with you to help make marketing operations easier, faster and more effective.

Here’s what to do next 👇

If you own or operate a Shopify or Magento store and are looking for a quick-and-easy way to to give your sales engine some rocket fuel, Pathfinder is for you.


Voices, growth hacks and musings from the people behind Pathfinder

Dan Stearn

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Founder & CEO @ Pathfinder. Building an AI marketing employee that does marketing for us humans. https://pathfindercommerce.com


Voices, growth hacks and musings from the people behind Pathfinder