Phantasma X Pikcio

About Pikcio

PikcioChain is a highly secure data exchange platform that constantly adapts to our clients’ needs.

It protects the user’s personal information while making data acquisition and management easy for businesses.

PikcioChain provides the world’s first monetized personal data marketplace, a revolution in its concept and idea.

Why are we becoming partners?

The upcoming PikcioMe browser will allow users to reclaim the power of their data!

While using Pikcio’s proprietary blockchain technology for ID account creation and management, PikcioMe users are able to carefully manage their public profile as well as their account data. All these features are possible while being able to perform anonymous web searches and chat to other people in a private and secure way.

We are proud to announce that Pikcio is collaborating with Phantasma to have the Phantasma wallet integrated within PikcioMe browser. This will allow any user to connect to and use different decentralized applications in a private fashion, as well as tip online content with PKC.

The PKC token will also be added to the Phantasma Cosmic Swaps Framework and will benefit from the automatic conversions available within the Phantasma App.

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