Play Time

Videogames, board games, freeze tag - if you can play it, we’ll be talking about it. (photo by Hinke)

Becoming Human

CryEngine’s latest tech makes great strides toward ascending the uncanny valley

Exponential growth in technology is making it harder and harder…

My favourite games of 2013

Year in review: In alphabetical order, here are the games I came to love this year.


Broken Age — Act 1: An old friend

Or, how a freshly released game can be both new and familiar.

Disclaimer: My name is Luke and I am a backer of Double Fine’s

My Kids Will Be Gamers

How all of my success can be contributed to the hours I spent illuminated in the dark with a monitor in my face. And how your job is to provide…

The Great YouTube Copyright Fiasco

And Why It Should Be Viewed As A Hiccup, Not A Heart Attack

You may have heard over the course of the past week or so about…

Sweet Mary Pain: A Roller Derby Rosary 

Abel and Willing, Aversion Mary, Alma Geddon, Amen.

1. Consecration

Playstation 4 Review

No nonsense next-gen gaming.

Now you are probably asking yourself… isn’t it completely idiotic to review a system that’s not even a week old not…

Not For Long

The Unsustainable Professional Football System

Like a large portion of American households, I am a fan of the National Football League. I have been…

Gone Home sets the tone for a compelling narrative

I know, I know — why haven’t I played Gone Home yet, right? Better late than never as they say. I finished Gone Home this afternoon in…

Final Fantasy X : un autre regard.

Retour sur un jeu exceptionnel et certaines thématiques abordées au cours des deux opus.

Mechanics are the Message

Game Designers: Let’s think about the lessons we teach with our game systems.

Serbia’s lifeline for addicted gamblers

On average, however, gambling starts at 17, with tokens in video poker or roulette. READ MORE

Bonaparte, Khan, Tzu — Generals of Tic Tactics

Tic-Tac-Toe infantile? 4 Star General?

Every kid’s menu at every restaurant that provides them always includes a…

Childhood Games

What was your favorite childhood game?

As a kid, games are our entire world. We’re so engaged in games with families and friends, and even by ourselves. Kids love to play every single game that exists, because all the varieties out there are fun and fascinating to the eye and to the mind as well.

The Game — Start here

Note: This IS NOT to be read, but this is to be played because this is a game (seriously)

First, i’m sorry if I have “misused” this site by “writing” a game here instead of something to read

But, ok, so in this game you must search some “secrets” on my posts, the secret will tell you what to do next

Well and truly star/fucked

Why ‘Pure Again’ is my game of the year

‘Game of the Year’ could be answered in all sorts of ways. Here’s one way: what…

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

A Link to My Past

Full disclosure:

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is my favorite game…

Are Mobile Games a Form of Art?

Video Games Made the Cut… What About Mobile?

In 2012, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) acquired 14 video games for its collection…

The Need for Speed of Sociological Games

Looking at games from a sociological standpoint.

The sociological value of games is something I am in the midst of…

When you aren’t playing well

How we are okay with Free-to-Play games but shouldn’t be.

I hate (I won’t be yelling) and do not buy any free games that request or require me to purchase items to progress into any other state of the game. And even further shame be placed on games that are paid-for yet still request or require money to continue playing. Yes, this is…

Play Time
Play Time

Videogames, board games, freeze tag - if you can play it, we’ll be talking about it. (photo by Hinke)

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