Entrepreneurship for subversives: Learn more about the book and the author, Facundo Guerra, and get inspired!

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Entrepreneurship for Subversives is one of the most realistic books on the market.

This is because the author, Facundo Guerra , tells his story with all the sincerity, humor and naturalness possible.

Born in Argentina due to his father’s and grandfather’s flight from militarism in Brazil, he returned here at the age of four and had an education totally focused on traditional employment.

In fact, the word entrepreneurship created even a certain panic in the young boy.

But it all changed when he realized that the corporate environment was heavy and unpleasant.

Considered one of one of the 100 most influential entrepreneurs in the world, Facundo Guerra conquered the night of São Paulo with businesses that made the joy of the upper middle class.

And it guaranteed a truly differentiated space in this market.

Comic and yet exciting, Entrepreneurship for Subversives is a great opportunity for you to experience this beautiful story of success and overcoming.

And in this article, I give a taste of what you will find in the book.

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About the book Entrepreneurship for subversives

In the book Entrepreneurship for Subversives , the author, Facundo Guerra, tells of his professional career in large companies in a comical and fun way.

Well, if those environments were not there the best things in the world, nothing more interesting than a little humor to illustrate the context.

Due to this frustration, Facundo made a decision that would probably be inevitable in his life: to drop everything to have his own business.

Considered the great businessman of the night of São Paulo, he talks about the first nightclub he opened and also about other businesses in that same niche, always emphasizing the correctness and mistakes made.

In all, there were four nightclubs, two concert halls, four bars, as well as some cultural centers aimed at the upper middle class of the city of São Paulo.

In fact, this is their audience: People of high purchasing power, who see value in quality products and services, to the point of paying more for them.

But the book is also a true guide full of tips for anyone who dreams of having a successful company.

Among them you will find:

1 — Have a Purpose

Go after a legacy, but be something beyond money.

2 — Do not use lack of money as an excuse

If you have a promising idea, do not use lack of money as an excuse not to put it on the market.

If it is good, then your business will probably work out.

Of course money helps, but at a time when we are faced with various opportunities, such as collective funding , it is essential that you consider the possibilities before you give up.

3 — Sell a worldview

Forget the product.

It does need to be functional and solve a problem, but your focus should be on selling a world view.

This is how it shows value to the customer.

4 — Careful when choosing partners and collaborators

Choose partners and employees who complement you and who have the same worldview as you.

Trust these people and treat them as you would like to be treated.

About the Author, Facundo Guerra

Facundo Guerra , author of Entrepreneurship for Subversives , is far from being an ordinary entrepreneur.

To give you an idea, he was elected in 2016, one of the 100 most influential entrepreneurs in the world by the American magazine Good Magazine.

Food engineer, international journalist and politician, master and PhD in Political Science from PUC-SP, it was in 2005 that Facundo decided to change its history.

Among the businesses open are Vegas, Z Carniceria, VOLT, Lions Nightclub, Club Yacht, Cine Joia, Riviera, PanAm, Frank Bar and the Lookout 9 de Julho

Due to the success of these establishments, the entrepreneur even received the award of citizen São Paulo by the Ratra Livre in 2015.

Born in Argentina, because his father and grandfather decided to take refuge from the Brazilian military regime, he came to Brazil at the age of four.

And as much as he did not feel the horrors of the period in his skin, his life is marked by suffering with the stories of torture that family members have passed.

As for entrepreneurship, he was not even part of his reality.

When someone said to have their own business, Facundo would come to panic.

His childhood is also marked by a poor financial situation.

The father said that he would not leave inheritances and riches, but studies. That’s what I could provide.

So much so that Facundo studied in private colleges, always with half purse.

Who would have thought that everything would change.

His frustration as an employee was so great that what made him afraid (entrepreneurship) became the solution to his problems and then a life purpose.

And I do not even have to mention the issue of inheritance.

I do not think the entrepreneur needs her anymore …

Entrepreneurship for Subversives is certainly a very interesting book for new entrepreneurs and for those who, without success, have tried to make their business succeed.

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