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How to Make Great Things

Products of Color

A catalogue of blue objects found in January

Hunting down a range of blue consumer products, updated daily during January 2014.

We listened to the people, not the problem

And overcomplicated the hell out of both our products

I recently wrote a post called “More is a four letter word

DOTW: Do One Thing Well

The Mantra of The Guessable Interface

In the land of coding there is a principle that defines the essence of modern multi-tier software…

Behind The Invention: The mophie Juice Pack

How a failure of a product became the kleenex of backup power. 

Use your experience to create a mediated experience

Turn process into an experience

Last week I finally read “In the Beginning was the Command Line” by Neal Stephenson. It’s his essay from 1999 on the operating system war of the time — MacOS vs Windows vs BeOS vs Linux. If you have any interest in the topic it’s an interesting read (even though I think it loses…

Product Design
Product Design

How to Make Great Things

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