I wrote an answer on Quora for a similar question “How do I get developers to think more like users?” so I can add 3 more exercises:

  • Keynotes: I usually discuss with my team & show them summaries of famous keynotes for big developer conferences like: Microsoft Build, Google I/O & Apple WWDC. This enhances the way they think of products and customers from how “demos” in keynotes are structured.
  • Mobile Apps: If there is a buzz about any new app, I make sure that my team knows about it and sometimes I let them use it on my device and discuss their opinions about “the user experience & the user scenario”. …

I take them on a surfing trip … well, not exactly! :)

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Being persuasive is a skill that helps a lot when you are responsible for shaping a product vision or taking product decisions. I read Jackie Bavaro’s post “how to be persuasive” which motivated me to share my “simple” tactic that I always do when I want to persuade my team to implement a certain feature or stop working on another one.

Yes, every time you want to “persuade” your team of anything -literally, anything-, hold a meeting and present a couple of slides!

So, let me “persuade” you, why these “tiny” presentations are so powerful.

1. Tiny Presentations Organize Your Thoughts

A presentation -in general- gives you the opportunity to organize your thoughts in a logical structure, so you can show your…

A story about building simple & amazing apps!

If you are one of those people who follow tech news, most probably, you notice how apps -mobile applications- are changing the dynamics of the tech industry, starting from startups, ending by high-school students learning iOS development.

There are many -so many- apps on app stores, each app is providing certain functionalities encapsulated in a group of user scenarios.

What about apps that focus on only “ONE” user scenario, “ONE” functionality triggered by “ONE” button?

Yes! “Single-Button” apps .. and here is the general user scenario:

  1. User opens your app.
  2. User taps a button.
  3. Magic happens!

Here are some examples about successful “Single-Button” apps:

The Shazam App

The famous app, that allows you to know info about any song plays around you…


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