Products I Wish Existed

There is so much to be built, designed, and improved!

Everyday UX: The Value of Comparison Tools in Online Shopping

A lesson from the cereal aisle on how to improve the consumer purchase path

Dear Uber, I found you a new driver.

Ballers and Hosts 101

I know this man in his 60s. He is saving towards his final years before retirement and asked me “have you…

Sell a Story, not a Brand

The Age of Emotional E-Commerce

Wouldn’t it be meaningful to plan and book a trip according to your favorite book? Wouldn’t you enjoy…

Wanted: The slowest search engine ever.

Time shifting search results. Results without the searching.

Blogging and the 1-9-90 Rule 

Wordpress, Medium, Tumblr

They say content is king, but are today’s blogging platforms designed to improve the quality of content? Even…

Driving an electric car changed my mind

I guess I CAN say no to new technology

Recently I had the opportunity to drive an electric car.

From the Renaissance to the Future of Blogging

Where Humanism marries Science

Leonardo da Vinci epitomizes the innovation explosion from the Italian Renaissance…

Hotel Guest Folios Suck

These dinosaurs are ripe for some updating.

Best case, they’re accurate and semi-legible. Worst case, you spend 15 nerve-wracking minutes attempting to decipher what the hell each line item actually refers to, amidst the maze of pre-stay deposits, incidental charges that become credits at some arbitrary point, and vaguely worded descriptions…

Why IKEA will close all its stores

I recently moved to a new flat. As always, moving your stuff from one place to another is a pain in the ass. First, you go through all your belongings, discarding everything that you haven’t used for a while and that would find a better home through Craigslist or the Salvation Army. Second, box everything that made it through the first step. Third, move…

Are Our School Systems Broken?

I Think So. Don’t You?

Yesterday I was talking to my soon-to-be brother in-law, he’s a Scientist creating tools for people (Geeks and…

Products I Wish Existed
Products I Wish Existed

There is so much to be built, designed, and improved!

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