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Just the Quotes: Q2

The second quarter of the year in “Pullquotes” of a 2 Year Old.

This is a collection of all my daughter’s quotes for April-June 2016 in one place. (So you have them.) For more details, visit the links for each week posted below. To review the quotes from January-March 2016, check Just the Quotes: Q1.

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Friday Apr 1

Daughter: I pine up bus.
Daddy: Pineapples?
Daughter: Ply nupbers.
Daddy: Oh… play numbers.

Saturday Apr 2

“Oh no, big mess!”

Sunday Apr 3

Daddy: Daddy take a nap?
Daughter: Daddy, wake up!

Monday Apr 4

(to Minnie) “How was your weekend?”

Tuesday Apr 5

“Haha. I laughing.”

Wednesday Apr 6

(as Barbie) “I go to work.”

Thursday Apr 7

“Beep beep” (playing elevator in closet)

Friday Apr 8

Mommy: What colors are in the rainbow?
Daughter: Red, ah-ange, yellow, geen, blue, purple.

Saturday Apr 9

“Walk away, daddy.”

Sunday Apr 10

Daddy: (singing) “We are a part of the Rhythm Nation.” (speaking) Are you part of the Rhythm Nation?
Daughter: No.

Monday Apr 11

“I go faster!”

Tuesday Apr 12

“Ready set go!”

Wednesday Apr 13


Thursday Apr 14

“Bouncy bouncy, bouncy bouncy… bounce.”

Friday Apr 15

Daddy: Is that whale big?
Daughter: Yeah… I think he big.

Saturday Apr 16

“Come on in.”

Sunday Apr 17

Mommy: Want to go get some ice cream?
Daughter: No.

Monday Apr 18

“I have pockets.”

Tuesday Apr 19

“I(’m) gon(na) git you!”

Wednesday Apr 20

“Red say STOP! Green say GOOOO!”

Thursday Apr 21

(singing) “Coo-R-S, T-Weewee…”

Friday Apr 22

“I watch P(l)anet Eart(h)”

Saturday Apr 23

(to birds outside) Shh… mommy sleeping.

Sunday Apr 24

Go away, bees in the tree. Go! Go!

Monday Apr 25

Daddy: (whistling)
Daughter: Daddy…Shh.

Tuesday Apr 26

Bus diaper (driver)

Wednesday Apr 27

Daddy: What do you want for dinner?
Daughter: Pizza!
Daddy: Hmm, we don’t have any pizza…
Daughter: Cupcake!

Thursday Apr 28

Daughter: What’s up?
Daddy: What’s up?
Daughter: What’s up?
Daddy: What’s up?
Daughter: What’s up? What’s up? What’s up?…

Friday Apr 29

“Two!!” (proudly holding up just two fingers)

Saturday Apr 30

“Hi Sofia! Hi Sofia! Hi Sofia!”

Sunday May 1

“You finish eating.”

Monday May 2

“Turtle, I’ll be right back, okay?”

Tuesday May 3

“I got s(c)ared.”

Wednesday May 4

“Boo (blue) car.”

Thursday May 5

“I make happy face.” (making sad face, pouting out her lip)

Friday May 6

(doing a little voice) “Baby’s so tiny!”

Saturday May 7

Daughter: Light.
Daddy: Light… what? I need one more word…[“please”]
Daughter: Light on.

Sunday May 8

“Mommy, come look! Come in!”

Monday May 9

“It rubbin’ the back” (ladybugs mating)

Tuesday May 10

(sing-song call to daddy’s new character) “Foo-oot…”

Wednesday May 11

“I give kisses. Mmmmmua. Mua. Mua. Mua. Mua. Mua. Mmmmmua. Mua. Mua. Mua…”

Thursday May 12

“See you later, bus. I go school.”

Friday May 13

Mommy: MY baby!
Daughter: MY mommy!

Saturday May 14

(drinks water) “I need(ed) that.”

Sunday May 15

“My dinosaur!”

Monday May 16

(wearing daddy’s cap) “I go play baseball.”

Tuesday May 17

“Head! Shoulders, Knees, Head! Shoulder, Knees, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…”

Wednesday May 18

Daddy: I love your hat.
Daughter: Not hat, crown.

Thursday May 19

Daddy: Are you ready for dinner?
Daughter: I’m busy, daddy.

Friday May 20

“Hi, nice to meets you.”

Saturday May 21

“Don’t move… Don’t touch anything.”

Sunday May 22

Mommy: Can you sing a pretty song for me?
Daughter: (singing) Mommy, mommy, mommy…

Monday May 23

“I go on my scooter” (mimics kicking with one foot)

Tuesday May 24

“Apples! Apples!” (telling biting polar bears what’s okay to bite)

Wednesday May 25

“Turn around” (making mommy do a fashion spin)

Thursday May 26

“I go to the city!”

Friday May 27

“That’s pink applesauce.”

Saturday May 28

Daddy: You want help?
Daughter: No, I’m a big girl.

Sunday May 29

“Everybody go night-night.”

Monday May 30

“Oh no… big mess!”

Tuesday May 31

“Daddy, you cold.”

Wednesday Jun 1

“Doggy, chill out.”

Thursday Jun 2

“Cinderella’s coming today.”

Friday Jun 3

“Where’s mommy go?”

Saturday Jun 4

Daddy: I’m going to take a nap.
Daughter: Relax.

Sunday Jun 5

(readying a book to read) “Come closer to me.”

Monday Jun 6

(daddy singing) “Too loud, daddy. Inside boices.” (voices)

Tuesday Jun 7

“You big. I fall.” (small)

Wednesday Jun 8

“I want to dance!”

Thursday Jun 9

“Ohhh… so close.”

Friday Jun 10

(prepping to sing) “La-la-la, mi-mi-mi (clears throat)”

Saturday Jun 11

Mommy: What should mommy draw?
Daughter: A vale. (whale)

Sunday Jun 12

Daughter: Pine cone.
Daddy: No that’s an acorn, can you say acorn?
Daughter: Chicken nuggets!

Monday Jun 13

“I go park. It’s not rainin’.”

Tuesday Jun 14

“Bannarinas” (ballerinas)

Wednesday Jun 15


Thursday Jun 16

(daddy tries a hug and kiss) “No.”

Friday Jun 17

“No sit on doggie. You fall over like that.”

Saturday Jun 18

“Mommy have coffee. Daddy have tea.”

Sunday Jun 19

“Memba?” (Remember)

Monday Jun 20

“Daddy, finish your food. Chew chew chew.”

Tuesday Jun 21

(on the potty) “Go away.”

Wednesday Jun 22

Mommy (reading): “What does whale poop look like?”
Daughter: Big poop!

Thursday Jun 23

“That’s not our car. No… That’s not our car. No… That’s not our car. No…”

Friday Jun 24

“Look look. That’s the baby. It’s SO cute. That’s the mommy. That’s the baby.” (two squirrels in the park)

Saturday Jun 25

“Sretching” (stretching)

Sunday Jun 26

Daughter: Good morning daddy.
Daddy: Hi baby, how was your morning?
Daughter: Good. How was your week?

Monday Jun 27

Daughter: They catch me.
Daddy: They caught you when you fell?
Daughter: Thank you, guys.

Tuesday Jun 28

(on toy phone) “Hello is Nana dere? (there) Hey, Nana. How ya’ doin’?”

Wednesday Jun 29

Daughter: I go see baseball game?
Daddy: No.
Daughter: I go see baseball game?
Daddy: No.
Daughter: I go see baseball game?
Daddy: No…

Thursday Jun 30

“Bigdozers” (bulldozers)

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