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Apple published a great tutorial to teach developers how to create iOS apps using SwiftUI. I particularly like it because it doesn’t make any assumptions about existing UIKit experience, making it ideal for developers new to iOS. That tutorial is built around an app named “Scrumdinger,” which is designed to facilitate daily scrum meetings.

Apple’s Scrumdinger implementation saves the app data to a local file whenever the user minimizes the app, and loads it again when they open the app. It seemed an interesting exercise to modify Scrumdinger to use Realm rather than a flat file to persist the data…

In this video Dominic Frei shows how to SAVE and LOAD your data in Unity3D with Realm SDK.

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In 2020, MongoDB partnered with the WildAid Marine Protection Program to create a mobile app for officers to use while out at sea patrolling Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) worldwide. We implemented apps for iOS, Android, and web, where they all share the same Realm back end, schema, and sync strategy. This article explains the data architecture, schema, and partitioning strategy we used. If you’re developing a mobile app with Realm, this post will help you design and implement your data architecture.

MPAs-like national parks on land-set aside dedicated coastal and marine environments for conservation. WildAid helps enable local agencies to…

Jason Flax, lead engineer of Realm Cocoa team, dives into more advanced app architectures using SwiftUI and Realm. Talk covers:

  • Property wrappers
  • StateObject, ObservableObject, EnvironmentObject
  • Navigating between Views with state
  • Business Logic and Model-View-Intent Best Practices

If you missed our first SwiftUI & Realm talk, you can watch it here

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In my last post, I walked through how to integrate Realm into a mobile chat app in Building a Mobile Chat App Using Realm — Integrating Realm into Your App. Since then, the Realm engineering team has been busy, and Realm-Cocoa 10.6 introduced new features that make the SDK way more “SwiftUI-native.” For developers, that makes integrating Realm into SwiftUI views much simpler and more robust. This article steps through building the same chat app using these new features. …

Hello and Welcome to my page, I am Henna =D.

This is the second article in the series “ Getting Started with MongoDB Realm in your Android Application” and I will talk about how to implement the Realm Sync feature in your Application.

Get your Coffee and your Laptop and Let’s roll on :D

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If you are new to this page, you will need to set up a MongoDB Cloud account and create a Realm App. You can follow part A of Article 1 of the series on how to do that

  1. Getting Started with MongoDB Realm

I have a…

The Realm Mobile Database makes it much faster to develop mobile applications. MongoDB Realm Studio is a desktop app that lets you view, manipulate, and import data held within your mobile app’s Realm database.

This article steps through how to track down the locations of your iOS Realm database files, open them in Realm Studio, view the data, and make changes. …

This article is a follow-up to Building a Mobile Chat App Using Realm — Data Architecture. Read that post first if you want to understand the Realm data/partitioning architecture and the decisions behind it.

This article targets developers looking to build the Realm mobile database into their mobile apps and use MongoDB Realm Sync. It focuses on how to integrate the Realm-Cocoa SDK into your iOS (SwiftUI) app. Read Building a Mobile Chat App Using Realm — Data Architecture This post will equip you with the knowledge needed to persist and sync your iOS application data using Realm.

RChat is…

Realm SDK for the Unity game development framework is ready in alpha, but we’re ready to give you a taste of what’s to come.

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Nikola Irinchev, the engineering lead for Realm’s .NET team, and Ferdinando Papale, .NET engineer on the Realm team, will walk us through the .NET ecosystem as it relates to mobile with the Xamarin framework. We will discuss things to consider when using Xamarin, best practices to implement and gotcha’s to avoid, and what’s next for the .NET team at Realm.

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