Realm SDK for the Unity game development framework is ready in alpha, but we’re ready to give you a taste of what’s to come.

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Nikola Irinchev, the engineering lead for Realm’s .NET team, and Ferdinando Papale, .NET engineer on the Realm team, will walk us through the .NET ecosystem as it relates to mobile with the Xamarin framework. We will discuss things to consider when using Xamarin, best practices to implement and gotcha’s to avoid, and what’s next for the .NET team at Realm.

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This article targets developers looking to build the Realm mobile database into their mobile apps and (optionally) use MongoDB Realm Sync. It focuses on the data architecture, both the schema and the partitioning strategy. I use a chat app as an example, but you can apply the same principals to any mobile app. This post will equip you with the knowledge needed to design an efficient, performant, and robust data architecture for your mobile app.

RChat is a chat application. Members of a chat room share messages, photos, location, and presence information with each other. The initial version is an…

I’m relatively new to building iOS apps (a little over a year’s experience), and so I prefer using the latest technologies that make me a more productive developer. That means my preferred app stack looks like this:

This article presents a simple task management app that I built on that stack. To continue my theme on being productive (lazy), I’ve borrowed heavily (stolen) from MongoDB’s official iOS Swift tutorial:

  • I’ve refactored the original front end, adding Combine for event management, and replacing the UIKit ViewControllers with Swift views.
  • The back end Realm app is entirely unchanged. Note that once…

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Kræn Hansen, senior engineer of Realm JS team, gives an overview of the MongoDB Realm application development platform. It consists of an open-source on-device object database, edge-to-cloud synchronization platform and fully managed backend services.

Jason Flax, lead engineer of Realm Cocoa team, explains

  • what SwiftUI is and why it’s important (Key Concepts and Architecture)
  • how it will change mobile app development
  • how Realm integrates with SwiftUI
  • how you can build Realm apps with SwiftUI and makes it easy for iOS developers to leverage this framework.

For more on Realm and Swift UI, please check this excellent tutorial on

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Hello, everyone. I am Henna. :D I started with Mobile Application back in 2017 when I was a lucky recipient of the Udacity Scholarship. :)

I had always used SQLite when it came to using databases in my mobile apps. Using SQLite was definitely a lot of boilerplate code, but using it with Room library did make it easier.

I had heard about Realm before but I got so comfortable using Room with SQLite that I never thought of exploring the option.

At the time, I was not aware that Realm had multiple offerings, from being used as a local…

Recently, the Realm JavaScript team has reimplemented the Realm JS Node.js SDK from the ground up to use N-API. In this post, we describe the need to migrate to N-API because of breaking changes in the JavaScript Virtual Machine and how we approached it in an iterative way.


Node.js and Electron are supported platforms for the Realm JS SDK. Our embedded library consists of a JavaScript library and a native code Node.js add-on that interacts with the Realm Database native code. This provides the database functionality to the JS world. It interacts with the V8 engine, which is the JavaScript…

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