“You Can’t Outdo Black People” Part I

Just 5 beautiful Black people pondering Black queer and trans futures.

By: Cody Charles

Like Darell J. Hunt says,

“You can’t outdo Black people.”

This is just a reminder that Black folk can’t be outdone, won’t be outdone.

Won’t ever become undone.

We are otherworldly.

Please enjoy this collection of Black brilliance and Black creation, at a variety of beautiful intersections. This is not meant to be a perusal for one sitting, but perhaps something you can come back to often. This collection is best on a tough day of dealing with institutional -isms. This (collection) pairs well with a cup of hot chocolate, or a liquor of your choosing on the rocks. Please use the comment section to nominate other videos to be added to Part II of the collection (to come at a later date).

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Big thanks to all of the Black content creators, Anthony & Jameelah for transcribing, and Charlesia for final edits.

*Throughout this piece captions are provided- either embedded in the video or through hyperlinks. Click on TRANSCRIPTION or LYRICS for accommodations.

The collection begins after my bio.

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Cody Charles is the author of Re-Imagining Black Love, Getting To Know Rosa Lee: An Overdue Conversation With My Mother, Black Joy, We Deserve It, The Night The Moonlight Caught My Eye: Not a Review but a Testimony on the Film Moonlight, 5 Tips For White Folks, As They Engage Jordan Peele’s Get Out. (No Spoilers), Student Affairs is a Sham, 19 Types of Higher Education Professionals, and What Growing Up Black And Poor Taught Me About Resiliency. Join him for more conversation on Twitter (@_codykeith_) and Facebook (Follow Cody Charles). Please visit his blog, Reclaiming Anger, to learn more about him.

Let’s Begin…

How do we not begin with this hysterical Soul Train commentary from Darell J. Hunt? So many quotable moments. Peep the pure joy in Darell’s voice, alongside a lil shade…just a tad-bit.


Look at his fine ass- Trevante Rhodes. Damn. Truth be told, I’ve given myself to him several times in the past year…yes, in my very vivid dreams. Important to note, every fantasy encounter included enthusiastic consent. :) Below is one of the best scenes in film history, in one of the best films ever made. FIGHT ME.

LYRICS to Hello Stranger by Barbara Lewis

Literally, the only child I like. You won’t find anything cuter…or fiercer on the inter-webs! “Do it for the vine?”


To love should be this simple…


Baddass, Nina Simone! Perhaps all the unpaid writers for Ebony should pull a Nina for those lost checks…oops. #EbonyOwes

One of my favorite people on planet earth (next to Kandi Burruss). Audra deserves so much more shine for her tremendous talent. And please know that I’ve peeped she’s only an Oscar away from an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony). She’s brilliant.

LYRICS to The Glamorous Life: *Audra McDonald singing Glamorous Life*

I love when Black people queer white spaces. They are more entertaining (and talented) than most of the performers at this year’s (2017) BET Awards…oops, again.

After watching this, I feel….tired. And yes, protect Black children at all cost!

Celebratory shouts and dancing to Wedgie by Taylor Girls- LYRICS

Just hit play…

LYRICS to Four Women by Nina Simone

Just Black children being exceptional…nothing out of the ordinary.

Classic. But lowkey, this was an important declaration for the group, hence this fake CNN opening and closing.


Kelly Rowland: I’m the second lead vocalist for the group.

Latavia: *coughs* I’m Latavia

This is the young Black woman who created “on fleek.” I swear creation is the key to our liberation. Pay Peaches here.


Peaches: “We in this bitch, finna get crunk. Eyebrows on fleek, da fuck.”

Because Black girls tell the truth. TRUST BLACK GIRLS and WOMEN.


Black Girl with 45: “You’re a disgrace to the world.”

This young man made magic with a dirty room, a purple ordinary sweatshirt, and an I-phone 6. Damn, we’re good. We come from a creative people.

This is exactly how I pictured this encounter between Bey and Jay Z.


Jay: Aye B! Lemme hear your album, I ain’t heard none of it yet.

Bey: I mean I can let you hear the third song if you really wanna hear it *plays Don’t Hurt Yourself*

LYRICS to Don’t Hurt Yourself by Beyoncé

Now you know we all have one of these “faux gifted” people in our family. If you don’t know who this person is, then it’s you!


Pay close attention to the hand geometry

Dancing to Wet Dollars by Tink- LYRICS

Said this to my therapists the other day…

“Because it’s an inner cry bitch”


Miss Jay is damn good- I could almost believe that this is a real business concept…


Ugh. Soul melting voice. But why is this song called Redbone tho? (Please answer in the comments)

Sings Redbone by Childish Gambino- LYRICS

Be mad! Please be mad. This Black girl below is more helpful than most Black adults. read: Black cis het men


Black Feminist thought in a sea of white feminists…


Basically, my response to when white supremacy loses, even on a micro scale.


Hilariously screaming and laughing

And somehow we still equate talent to success, and success to happiness…

I hate this song, but love his voice.

Mike Yung singing Unchained Melody- LYRICS

Reminder from the Lorde.

“There is No Hierarchy of Oppressions” by Audre Lorde: *reading the essay found here*

I mean, I guess Sheree had the last laugh with Chateau Sheree, but it definitely was a journey…a long journey…


Disregard this white queen on the screenshot, and place all of your attention on The Kennedy Davenport…and this is the only time I have ever enjoyed anything that has come out of Katy Perry’s mouth…

TRANSCRIPTION: RuPaul: “… luck and don’t fuck it up.”

Roar by Katy Perry plays- LYRICS

One of the best singers ever…EVER…FIGHT ME…I’ll win.


Because Tituss is SO much more than Tina Fey’s prop #MoreThanTinaFeysProp


Black, Queer, and Trans People not only on the margins, but at the origins…


Lowkey…I’m with auntie ‘Retha, this pie is flat out nasty. But I love Patti and this video. Just sayin’.


Hamilton meets Beyoncé Giselle Knowles…ahem, Carter. Can we ask for more? AND India Carney (in the center) is all things and everything all at the same damn time.


Listen. And then listen again. Wait an hour, and repeat!

Poet recites the poem “Black Privilege”


This is what I tell the students I work with…

I include Iyanla’s laugh, but exclude the centering of ashy Black men. Oops.


Again, we come from a creative people. We’re too damn much. Bahahaha.


Cue the tears…and anger, as white supremacy was the root cause for David and Ava not receiving Oscars for his performance and her direction. Tho, white validation can never be a measure of Black excellence.


I remember.

And how Tasty, or Sweetie, or whomever she is didn’t get up and leave the table is still a loss to me…


Most of you think this look and performance only took a black trash bag…but look closer (I’m still unsure of what you’ll find).

Dancing to Missy Elliot’s “Rain” (Supa Dupa Fly)- LYRICS

The woman’s reaction in the front row is typically my reaction when I realllllyyyy like something. Keep that in mind potential suitors…actually I react that way to good food too.


Because drunk Crissle is really the best of all of us… #TeamHarriet


I feel similarly about Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits. And I’m waiting on someone to remix this with a Nina Simone track. Tew much?

But fo’real, who got this recipe?



And cold-blooded- sending a message to her competitors, like the Terminator, “I’LL BE BACK…on top. Soon.”


One of the best television characters to ever flee the paper to the big screen…Rest in Peace and Power Nelsan Ellis.


Because I love you Janet, I know you would want to be placed near Bey.


The only way this collection could end is with an ode to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles….Carter…

Be amazed.

Performs “Love Drought” (LYRICS) and “Sandcastles” (LYRICS)


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