Hey Re-inventors!

This is Day 5 of the series.

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I’ve always heard people saying that they hate mondays.

Quotes like “Hey monday, I’m breaking up with you” or “We should skip monday” or “We have to wait 5 more days for the weekend”, piss me off 👹

Frankly, I’m not that type of person. I work 7 days a week unless there is something important that is to be done besides work.

But, this mentality is fascinating to me. I cannot understand why they hate mondays. After thinking more on this, I realise that many people are different from me.

They don’t truly love what they do. They are bankers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, accountants by profession but they are singers, writers, artists, gamers, businessmen, astronauts at heart.

And probably that is why they hate mondays as they have to get up to do what they don’t like for the next 5 days.

I can’t really accept that people can live for the weekends. If my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are horrible I’ll immediately get out of that routine or that job and that is what a rational person should do right?

Unfortunately they don’t, they complain and dwell and find all the negative reasons as to why they can’t start doing more of what they love. I’m afraid that many people will ruin their lives in this manner if they continue to dwell like this.

The only thing complaining does is convince other people that you are not in control : Tweet this

I hope that now you understand why I love mondays , because I love working!

Without much ado, Here’s my Day:

5:00 : Wake up

5:20 : Gym

6:50 : Come back from the gym, take a shower, post-workout meal

7:50 : Leave for class 😐😐

11:50 : Work 😁

1:15 : Lunch

1:38 : Meeting for conducting an event

4:45 : Brainstorming some ideas

6:10 : Break

6:30 : Tidy my room and clean the mess

6:42 : Filling some documents

7:00 : Work (Coding ❤❤)

8:15 to 8:25 : Random call (Waste of time) 😶

8:50 : Important call ✔

9:05 : Dinner and family time

9:50 : Wind down and Planning for the next day

10:15 : Sleep

Today’s day was pretty good. A lot of work was completed and that’s awesome. I ran to the gym expecting that I will be the first one to reach the gym but there was one guy already present! Shizz! I’ll do it next time for sure!

After that I came back from the gym, had my shower and my breakfast. I then left for the class and came back after a solid 4 hour test + math class. I don’t quite like going to the class but I can’t help it.

Between the two classes there was a short break of around 20 minutes and I was extremely happy that I can finally work for sometime BUT my friends did not let me do that. I wish I could punch them in the face but I controlled myself somehow 👊👊

After the class, without wasting a minute, I sat down to work and then had lunch at around 1 followed by a meeting and then a brainstorming session which was extremely productive.

I then took a break and cleaned the mess in my room. I hate filling forms but I had to do that anyway.

The favourite part of the day was when I sat to code and time passed away like anything! I was repeatedly receiving calls from my friend. I didn’t pick the call for sometime but as more calls came my way, I thought that it might be something important. I picked up, it was random shit 😒😒. If I could slap my friend on the phone I would have, but it’s not possible.

I resumed my work and then got a call back from the person I was trying to talk to for the past week. The call was extremely useful. After a productive day, I had dinner and sat with family. Then I came back, planned the tasks for the next day and slept.

This was the end of DAY 5

If you have any suggestion how I can avoid time-wasters such as unnecessary calls, please tell me guys! I need them!!

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