Re Human Day 51

Re-inventing ourselves has always been the most important skill. I’m re-inventing myself by improving in 15 areas at a time. This post is part of my Re Human project.

Daily Habits

Books: I’ve been reading Non-Violent Communication. Some notes from today:

Your needs are a gift to express people your aliveness.
Make sure you don’t suppress your needs for the needs of others.
Make requests not demands. Difference is demand carries the idea of punishment / shame.
Don’t say “but” to an angry person.
What do you do in your life that you wouldn’t consider play? What are things you “have” to do and don’t want to do?
List these things. Then write I choose to do X because I want Y. And decide whether you still want to do X.

Meditation: 21 minutes in the morning and 21 minutes in the afternoon. Been doing the Sadghuru Inner Engineering Shambhavi Kriya.

Re Human Extended Activity: Mondays is Music Production.

Spent time expanding and editing my “Create a Dream” song. Here’s the current version:

Writing: This post, code, and a daily thought.

Digital Drawing & Painting:

Today I continued painting my tree:

added some “texture”

Fitness: warmup, biceps, handstands, and human flag practice.

Piano: Today I practicing the “first part” and the “second part” of La La Land’s Sebastian and Mia’s theme. Trying to learn without looking at the notes.

Soccer trick juggling: Today I didn’t get two around the worlds in a row but also enjoyed the activity a lot.

Random Surprise

Some wild, audacious physical feats by a man called Jack LaLane:

  • He swam from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco while wearing handcuffs.
  • At age 42, he set the world record for pushups by doing over 1,000 in 23 minutes.
  • At age 45, he did 1,000 jumping jacks and 1,000 pullups in 1 hour and 22 minutes.
  • At age 60, he swam from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf for the second time. This time he not only wore handcuffs, but also towed a 1,000 pound boat.

To celebrate his 70th birthday, LaLanne swam 1.5 miles along the California coast from the Queen’s Way Bridge to Long Beach Harbor. And he did it while wearing handcuffs and shackles on his arms and legs and towing 70 row boats holding 70 people. (source)

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