Re Human Day 73

Re-inventing ourselves has always been the most important skill. I’m re-inventing myself by improving in 15 areas at a time. This post is part of my Re Human project.

Daily Habits

Books: Finished The War Against Normal People. At the end, I took 30seconds to write a quick summary, of my biggest takeaways:

AI and Automation is replacing most jobs.
We need new systems for society.
Two promising ideas are Universal Basic Income, which Spurs more entrepreneurship.
And a Social Currency system, where people are incentivized to help each other, so they can also get help.
The future is female.
We need new ways to give people meaning, not work.

Then started How Champions Think. Some notes from today:

Exceptional people begin with just ambitions.
People tend to become what they think of themselves.

Meditation: 20 minutes in the morning, included one “Waking Up” meditation in the morning.

Re Human Extended Activity: Wednesdays is Salsa Dancing.

StWent to class and learned the “Copa” move! Uploaded what the move looks like to my @re.human instagram.

Writing: This post, code, and a daily thought.

Digital Drawing & Painting:

Max told me that there’s a Procreate option to smoothe out lines (so they don’t look jittery), so I googled it and saw this video explaining how to make this happen. This is going to be super useful.

Then continued drawing the current Gal Shir video I’m following:

The line smoothing doesn’t do all the job by itself… still hard to draw smooth lines, but will get better with practice.

Fitness: Human flag, and held handstand for like 7 seconds! Then did Tabata training for push-ups and pull-ups. Extremely hard 8 minutes but super fun while listening to my Gatorade playlist.

Piano: Practiced La La Land’s song.

Soccer trick juggling: Did 2 around the worlds without the ball falling in between!

Random Surprise

Another amazing video on Empathy, made me cry haha:

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