Reporter’s Notebook

Stories from all over

Counting the Costs

Nobody told me how much writing and promoting a book would cost me. I’m at $30,000 and counting. But it’s been worth every penny

The Meaning of a Meal

There are things my mom and I still have trouble talking about, like my gayness and my eternal soul. Which is why she came to NYC to cook me—and…

My Words Are Not My Own

Thoughts on clarity, expectations, and the fraught relationship between the writer and the reader

Why Are My Winters So Long?: A Visit to Westboro

A minute before noon on a Sunday in early July 2011, a stocky, sweaty Chinese man sprints down 12th Street in Topeka, Kansas. The day is…

Damsel, Arise: A Westboro Scion Leaves Her Church

Just after 11 last Sunday morning at Old First Reformed Church in Brooklyn, the Rev. Dr. Daniel Meeter is starting the Sunday service as…

“Need Is a Very Good Teacher”

I’m not a hugger.

If, at the end of an interview, I’ve hit it off especially well with a subject, I’ll relent and come in for a quick one. In…

Reporter’s Notebook
Reporter’s Notebook

Stories from all over

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