Research at Marquette

Marquette University’s scholars work to Be The Difference. This collection highlights their work.

Safety on the brain

Engineering research to assess popular construction tool

Dante Autullo completed what he assumed to be a normal day. He drove a snowplow for…

Embracing the poorest of the poor

How a Marquette alumna created the world’s largest student-led global health and development organization

The darker side of Larry Watson

The novelist explains his latest award-winning book and his writing process

Every year, on the first day of Larry Watson’s creative…

Mirrors of our culture

Researcher studies how children normalize cases of sexual harassment

Only 9% of student sexual assault cases are reported.

Dinner table sexism

Examining the relationship between family, body esteem and “benevolent sexism”

Research at Marquette
Research at Marquette

Marquette University’s faculty-scholars work to Be The Difference in the world. This collection highlights some of their work.

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